7 Best Company Retreat and Offsite Ideas in San Francisco

Corporate retreats have thankfully evolved from the days of sitting in stuffy hotel conference rooms where employees sat through hours of PowerPoint presentations. Through extensive studies, corporations have realized and embraced the more modern take that teams benefit more from fun and engaging activities, especially when they involve an office escape.

Retreats help your team relax, reducing the stresses of the daily grind and boosting morale. Your employees get a unique opportunity to bond and strengthen their relationships, leading to a stronger workplace. There are many places across gorgeous California for you to take your team offsite to encourage positive engagement and have a little fun. Here are 7 of the best company retreat and offsite ideas in San Francisco.

SF Escape Tour

Explore San Francisco as you’ve never experienced it before with your team on a unique adventure where an escape room meets a city tour on a scooter. An exciting team-building adventure that challenges your team’s wits and encourages cooperation, all while exploring San Francisco on an eScooter to solve location-based puzzles. 

Calistoga Spa and Hot Springs

Located just a short 2-hour drive from San Francisco, Calistoga Spa and Hot Springs allow you to treat your team to a rejuvenating getaway while you work to build stronger bonds and strengthen your relationship with your team. Utilize the sky-lit patio and conference room for fun team activities that foster collaboration and encourage engagement and communication, boosting company morale. Give your team time to relax in the soothing waters of the hot springs. They say a relaxed team is an efficient team, and there’s no better place to relax than at a spa. 

Joshua Tree AutoCamp

Joshua Tree is an iconic national park that gets its name from the Joshua Tree, a rare yucca. The fresh air and serene landscapes make the perfect setting to invigorate and refresh your team in the great outdoors. It’s an ideal location to get away from the busy, bustling city life and work on your team bonding through outdoor activities, hiking, and more. The AutoCamp site includes a general store, an outdoor bar, and incredible outdoor cuisine for all to enjoy.

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Enjoy open vistas and fresh mountain air to help freshen your team’s mind and inspire new ideas by holding your next team corporate retreat in Yosemite. There are many places with beautiful mountains as a backdrop with a seemingly never-ending list of activities to partake in. You can easily collaborate with your team without distractions from the city.

Yolo Hot Air Balloons

Nothing brings a team together better than a thrilling adventure. Take your team on an incredible hot air balloon adventure to enjoy the sights of Sacramento Valley at Yolo Ballooning Adventures. Enjoy the views and learn to build connections up to 2,000 feet in the air.

Cavallo Point

Close to the city, Cavallo Point makes for a perfect in-city corporate workshop and is located just at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge with a beautiful city backdrop. Cavallo Point has an eclectic range of activities with easy access to the Golden Gate National Recreational Area for outdoor recreation and educational opportunities. The site features plenty of gathering places and on-site Cooking School, Healing Arts Center and School, Health Packages, and Guided Tours.


Located in nearby Santa Cruz, just a short one-hour drive away, escape to beautiful Costanoa where there are endless possibilities to enjoy the incredible natural surroundings while team-building and reflecting. Costanoa offers unique challenges and activities that you can customize to meet the goals you have for your team and designed within your guidelines. It’s the perfect way to engage your team in a relaxing setting actively.  


Corporate retreats are an invaluable opportunity for you and your team to get to know each other, have incredible conversations, and create lasting memories that will enhance the experience in the office come Monday.