How to Encourage Curiosity in Kids

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Benefits of Fostering Your Child’s Curiosity Fostering your child’s curiosity can have numerous benefits. Curiosity helps the child to learn and understand the world around them. It stimulates their mind and encourages them to explore and discover new things. As parents, we can encourage our kids to be curious by providing them with opportunities to … Read more

20 Best STEM toys that teach kids how to code

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So your children love the high-tech escape room birthday party you organized for them and were fascinated by the way technology was used to create an immersive experience. Now, they are eager to learn how to code and create their own digital creations. As a parent or educator, you might be wondering how to introduce … Read more

Escape Rooms: the Ultimate Tool to Enhance Team Building Skills in Kids

What is an escape room? For anyone searching for a fun way to exercise your brain in the company of others, there’s no need to look further. Escape rooms provide adventure, teach critical thinking, and promote cooperative play. In an escape room, your first goal is to find clues. Those clues are crucial to helping … Read more

What is Montessori?

Montessori is a method of educating children developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. It’s an educational approach that is pretty different than the traditional classrooms. It promotes learning by allowing children of all ages in a classroom environment free to explore their surroundings. Children will participate in self-directed activities using a hands-on … Read more

Why Teamwork is Important for Children

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Our entire existence as humans is built upon our ability to communicate and collaborate. For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been driven by this need for purpose and belonging. It has brought us to our greatest heights by confiding in the most familiar of spaces, each other. But before growing up and … Read more