Event Planning Guide: Tips to Crush It At The Design Automation Conference

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The Design Automation Conference, or DAC, is a premier event in the field of electronic design automation (EDA). It is an annual event that brings together professionals from the semiconductor industry, academia, and engineering communities to discuss the latest advancements in EDA tools, techniques, and methodologies. The first DAC was held in 1964 and since … Read more

Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

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Virtual events are an exciting new development in the world of conferences, seminars, and other gatherings. They offer people the opportunity to attend events from the comfort of their own homes or office, without having to worry about travel expenses or long commutes. Virtual events also provide a cost-effective way for businesses to reach out … Read more

Keys to Success for Your Next Team Offsite

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What is team offsite? A team offsite is a meeting or retreat that is held outside of the usual work environment. This can be at a different location or a different location within the same company. The purpose of a team offsite is to allow team members to bond and build relationships with one another … Read more

7 Best Company Retreat and Offsite Ideas in San Francisco

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Corporate retreats have thankfully evolved from the days of sitting in stuffy hotel conference rooms where employees sat through hours of PowerPoint presentations. Through extensive studies, corporations have realized and embraced the more modern take that teams benefit more from fun and engaging activities, especially when they involve an office escape. Retreats help your team … Read more

Maximize Team Bonding at Your Next Holiday Party

’Tis the season: Holiday gatherings abound, and your year-end company party is no exception. The Elvis impersonator is singing and team members are mingling, but there’s a lot more to the celebration than simply having a good time. These days, corporate holiday parties are designed to promote team bonding. According to research conducted by staffing … Read more