Essential guides: kitchen gadgets for practical humans

essential kitchen gadget guide

There’s no doubt that technology has dramatically improved the overall quality of life. Come on, we get to have incredible experiences such as high-tech escape rooms, motorized scooters, and 3D movies, to name a few. When it comes to cooking and kitchen gadgets, the tech seems to get better and better every year, making cooking … Read more

30 DIY Escape Room Puzzles for Your Next Conference

escape room conference ideas

So you’ve been hosting escape rooms to take your conferences to the next level. You’ve already decked out your conference as a mission control to conduct the most epic lunar rescue mission inMoonshot. Then you turned vendor halls into Patagonia’s most epic survival race staging area. It’s time to make your escape room up a … Read more

How to Set Up an Escape Room at Your Next Conference

escape room conference

You likely already know that holding a conference is not traditionally synonymous with fun. When anyone hears the word conference, they likely aren’t jumping for joy. A conference these days doesn’t have to be a drab event where you discuss one topic that bores your employees to tears.  A ton of research has gone into … Read more

5 Core Principles to Drive Your Hybrid Workforce

hybrid team building

Many companies are beginning to evaluate having their workforce return to the office as the pandemic subsides and the world slowly works towards a new normal. As companies begin to return to the office, there is a lot of emphasis going into allowing a hybrid work environment that brings together the best parts of working … Read more

5 Tips to Tap into the Power of Distributed Teams

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Office work is no longer strictly set in an office environment. More companies are embracing the benefits of having a distributed team where many if not all team members work remotely from anywhere in the world. Although there are many challenges, there are many benefits to establishing and managing a distributed team. Creating a distributed … Read more

10 Best Team Building Apps to Strengthen Your Team

best team building apps

Team building is an essential aspect of any strong company culture, and when you work remotely, you have to get creative when thinking of how to incorporate team-building events. Many team-building apps use creative ways to encourage your team to engage with each other through games, recognition, scavenger hunts, and more. Here are 10 of … Read more

7 Best Company Retreat and Offsite Ideas in San Francisco

glamping san francisco under the stars

Corporate retreats have thankfully evolved from the days of sitting in stuffy hotel conference rooms where employees sat through hours of PowerPoint presentations. Through extensive studies, corporations have realized and embraced the more modern take that teams benefit more from fun and engaging activities, especially when they involve an office escape. Retreats help your team … Read more

5 Epic Virtual Retreat and Corporate Team-Building Experiences

patagonia escape room

When you work remotely as a team can be a challenge. Without physical interaction, learning to work together takes more than just a few conference calls and back-to-back emails. Team building has been proven to help your team bond, learn how to collaborate, and become a solid unit with increased productivity and efficiency.  Corporate retreats … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Create Your Own NFT

NFT 3d art make your own

Creating an NFT is sure to be on the minds of artists and creatives everywhere. NFTs have become the most popular crypto trend of 2021, which is only growing larger. NFTs are unique collectible nonfungible tokens that create a unique one-of-a-kind token that people cannot duplicate. It is always tied to the artist, and the … Read more

Hybrid Team Building Event: 8 Practical Tips

VR hybrid team building event

Virtual events have become increasingly popular, especially over the last couple of years. As more positions are offering remote, many businesses have a good mix of people working for home and people working in an office. How do you execute a hybrid team-building event that caters to both parties with these new norms? Here are … Read more