How to Set and Achieve Goals

climbing goals

Goal setting is a powerful tool that helps us determine what we want to achieve in our lives. It involves outlining specific objectives that we wish to achieve and creating a plan to reach them. By identifying our goals, we increase our motivation and commitment to achieving them. The goal-setting theory suggests that people perform … Read more

Best Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco


Oma San Francisco Station Oma San Francisco Station is a top-notch sushi spot that offers high-quality sushi. The restaurant is known for its omakase menu, a dining experience led by the chef, where he creates and presents a sequence of dishes for the guest. Oma San Francisco Station’s omakase menu is filled with a selection … Read more

Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now


Netflix is gradually growing it’s anime collection of anime and releasing it’s own series in collaboration with creators! Here’s a brief list of its most popular titles of all time followed by more Netflix Original Anime Series that have blown up since their release: Death Note (2006-2007) If you haven’t heard of Death Note, its … Read more

Everything you need to know about user testing

user testing

User testing is a crucial part of the design process for any product, website or application. It involves testing a prototype of the product or website with real users to gain insights into their usability and user experience. A user test can help identify pain points that users may experience, allowing designers to make necessary … Read more