How to Set and Achieve Goals

climbing goals

Goal setting is a powerful tool that helps us determine what we want to achieve in our lives. It involves outlining specific objectives that we wish to achieve and creating a plan to reach them. By identifying our goals, we increase our motivation and commitment to achieving them. The goal-setting theory suggests that people perform … Read more

Best Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco


Oma San Francisco Station Oma San Francisco Station is a top-notch sushi spot that offers high-quality sushi. The restaurant is known for its omakase menu, a dining experience led by the chef, where he creates and presents a sequence of dishes for the guest. Oma San Francisco Station’s omakase menu is filled with a selection … Read more

Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now


Netflix is gradually growing it’s anime collection of anime and releasing it’s own series in collaboration with creators! Here’s a brief list of its most popular titles of all time followed by more Netflix Original Anime Series that have blown up since their release: Death Note (2006-2007) If you haven’t heard of Death Note, its … Read more

Event Planning Guide: Tips to Crush It At SEMICON West

semicon west

SEMICON West is an annual event that is hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. It is a platform that brings together semiconductor professionals from across the globe to discuss the latest trends and innovations within the industry. The event features an array of industry professionals, including executives, engineers, and researchers, who come … Read more

Event Planning Guide: Tips to Crush It At VentureBeat Transform

venturebeat conference

VentureBeat Transform is a must-attend conference for technology and AI professionals who are looking for strategic insights and innovative ideas to drive their enterprise forward. As a leader in the tech industry, VentureBeat has always been committed to providing the latest information and trends to its audience, and this year’s Transform event is no exception. … Read more

Everything you need to know about user testing

user testing

User testing is a crucial part of the design process for any product, website or application. It involves testing a prototype of the product or website with real users to gain insights into their usability and user experience. A user test can help identify pain points that users may experience, allowing designers to make necessary … Read more