• Future Technology Escape Room

    San Francisco • Mental Dexterity • Group Challenge

  • "An escape room is a real life adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit."

  • Test Drive the Future

    Experiment with technology you've been reading about. Plus you will need them to escape the reactor

    Pilot a Drone

    Dive into VR

    3D Print Rare Items

    Use a Hologram

    Decode a Secret

    Get a 1st Person View

    Control a Robot


  • Your Team is Trapped in a Reactor

    The reactor has been sabotaged and your team is trapped in the control room together unless you shut it down. How? That's for you to figure out.


    Clues are embedded everywhere. You have to use your powers of observation, pattern recognition and logic to find connections and correlations. More importantly, you have to work together as a team. It's a full-immersion brain teaser that weaves the fiber of science fiction into actual-reality.

  • Team building? Send us Your Best

    Teamwork remains the singular sustainable competitive advantage that is most difficult to measure and achieve. Reason's embedded game mechanics allow you to easily benchmark your team around key performance characteristics. Gain the insights to unlock your team's full potential.












  • It’s cool and nerdy at the same time and combines creative play with high-tech gadgetry with high tech toys offered a perfect blend of disciplines - Forbes

    "Escape the room? We didn't want to leave. A "future technology" game leaves us ready to hug our Roombas." - CNET

    "Exploring future technologies has to be approached in an entirely new way.. (Reason has) come up with new ways of providing future technology products and concepts to the masses, particularly to those with a special interest in the field." - The Next Web

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    Shared Experiences with Unforgettable Moments


    Reactor Escape


    10 Players

    $480 (Additional players can be added at checkout)


    Reactor Escape + Team Assessment & Offsite Space + Bonus Activities


    20 -50 Participants

    Company Party & Activations


    51-100 Participants

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  • About Us

    Backed by Swell Ventures, Reason gamifies technology exploration and challenges teams to become more effective. With over 50,000 startups in our network spanning AI, Robotics, IOT, Drones, HCI, and VR, Reason is the leading platform for business innovation and cultural transformation.









  • Reason Stage II - Escape Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is about to implode and take your startup with it. To make sure your world changing technology is not lost forever, your team must finish the "secret sauce" and escape in one piece.

    It's a fully immersive startup journey where your team will be faced with a series of technological and human challenges. Keep your spirits high, because "Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, don't lose faith."

    - Steve Jobs

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  • FAQ

    What is an Escape Room

    After entering a room with your team the door is closed behind you and the countdown clock begins. You must work together and use your problem solving skills in order to find clues and solve a series of logic puzzles that will lead you to your escape.

    Do I need any special knowledge or skills?

    Reason is grounded in science. Expect to acquire new skills as you progress through the stories but domain knowledge will be provided so you can focus on tackling the problems.

    Is it suitable for children?

    Reason is great for children, especially those with keen interest in science and technology.

    We do require minimum three adults to be present with minors.
    Younglings (12 or under) paired with an adult are welcome to tag along also!

    How many people do I need?

    The smallest group size we can accommodate is 5.

    What if I have large groups?

    No problem! Our offsite package accommodates up to 48, and we host special events for up to 100.

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    or call (415) 800-2062

    We are nice!

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    REASON partners with the most innovative companies to showcase what the future has in store

    Owlchemy Labs

    Owlchemy Labs is a creative game studio with a passion for polished and unique games and VR experiences. Founded in 2010 and based out of Austin, TX, we love building anything that’s oozing with style. We believe that interaction and using your hands is what truly makes virtual reality the most incredible place to build unique content that blows players minds.

    IBM Watson

    IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. Want to learn more about natural language processing, computer vision and cognitive technology to power your applications? Join the tens of thousands of developers who are building with Watson.

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