Great San Francisco Outdoor Dining Options

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Introduction Already feeling the cabin fever? Trust me you are not the only one, but we got the perfect solution for it. Here is a list of great restaurants offering outdoor dining so you can still take that special someone to a romantic dinner while enjoying the view.   Blue Plate  Considered a neighborhood gem in … Read more

6 Ways to Motivate your Remote Teams

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One of the big struggles remote teams face is maintaining an “all-in-this-together mentality. As mentioned by SIOP, one of the most difficult new challenges that remote teams face is keeping employees engaged. When employees spend most of their dedicated working hours alone, it’s hard to remember that their individual efforts are contributing to a bigger … Read more

Modern Essential Survival Check List

Introduction  Wondering what to do in case of an emergency, or don’t really know where to start? Well don’t panic just yet because here is a list to help you in general surviving preparement and some of the most essential things you will need in order to complete your kit for any type of disaster.  … Read more