Using the Pareto Principle

What is the pareto principle? The Pareto principle, named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, is a mathematical concept that states that roughly 20% of the inputs or effort lead to 80% of the results or outputs. This principle can be applied to various areas such as productivity, quality control, and decision-making. According to the … Read more

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Woman lights spooky cobweb covered pumpkin

Halloween Party Ideas for Your Next Party When planning a Halloween party, there are endless possibilities for creating a spooky and memorable event. To set the tone, start with a haunted house theme and transform your space into a maze of fright. Create a creepy atmosphere by using these Halloween party ideas. For entertainment, organize … Read more

How Escape Rooms Improve Teamwork on your Team

teamwork hands in

Escape rooms are a great way to build teamwork and team cohesion. They are a fun and interactive way to get people working together. Participants will have to rely on each other in order to identify clues, solve puzzles, and progress through the room before time runs out. This activity can help foster collaboration and … Read more

The Best Nightlife Experiences in San Francisco

When it comes to nightlife, San Francisco has something for everyone. The city offers a vibrant and diverse scene with numerous options to enjoy a night out. Whether you’re into sipping a classy cocktail at a rooftop bar, hitting the dance floor at a trendy club, belting out your favorite tunes at a karaoke joint, or … Read more

10 Best Escape Room Games on the PS5

As creators of escape rooms and enthusiasts of the genre ourselves, escape room console gaming is something we love and enjoy. The Ps5 now has an expanded collection of puzzle-solving and escape-room games. The games in this list include co-op games, 3D board games, and true escape room experiences of course. When it comes to … Read more

The Benefits of an Employee Engagement Program

engagement at work

What is an employee engagement program?  An employee engagement program is a strategic initiative taken by an organization to maintain a positive and productive work environment. It is designed to enhance the level of dedication and commitment of employees towards their jobs and the company as a whole. Through this program, companies aim to improve … Read more

Best Dessert Places in San Francisco

kiev dessert

If you have a craving for something sweet in the Bay Area, you’re in luck! The region boasts some of the best dessert spots that will satisfy, with creameries and paterissies from the Presidio to Daly City, ranging from upscale shops to small neighborhood favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate, ice cream, or … Read more

Best Museums in San Francisco

space museum

When it comes to discovering the best museums, San Francisco offers a diverse lineup of options. With its rich history and vibrant art scene, the city is home to some of the top museums in the country. From the stunning works of art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to the interactive exhibits … Read more

Co-Creating Content With Influencers


The rise of social media has given birth to a new type of marketing strategy – co-creating with influencers. With many influencers having dedicated and engaged followers, collaborating with them can be a powerful way to reach target audiences and create authentic content. Influencers, often considered experts in their niche, can bring their unique perspectives … Read more