Lola 2: Mars簞

Remote space mining mission with head-up display

Don't call it a Sequel Special Offer


Book the originalLola in Space簞 & receive 10% off Lola 2: Mars

Pushing the boundary of space exploration

Intense first person experience for teams of teams of 5-9

Innovative Head Up Display (HUD) system

Another industry leading experience from Reason

Dial into Mars colony over video conference

The Martian mining outpost has been damaged by a series of dust storms. Your team has an hour to help Lola get the outpost back online and make a tough moral decision that will impact the future of Mars exploration.

Help Lola survive Mars colony over video conference

Session times are listed in PDT (San Francisco Time)


Future Tech

Experience some of the future tech at Reason. Test drive the future.


Tough Moral Decision

Help Lola make a tough moral decision that will impact the future of space exploration.

icon of a hat representing the chill and worry-free state of mind

Live Host

Interact with a live human host as your real-life avatar to get Mars station in order.

satellite icon

Head Up Display

Contextual HUD system guides your team every step of the way.

a network icon of a hub connecting 6 nodes on green background

Available Anywhere

Sci-fi adventure accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Paving the way for humans to become a multi-planetary species.

Lola is back!

Test drive the future

Remote technology exploration

Environmental FX



Inductive Power

Per Player
Players Included*
*Up to 7 additional Players can be added.

Booking guidelines

  • Time slots are in Pacific Time Zone (San Francisco) 
  • This is a new format escape room where players do not have to be physically present
  • Each Player occupies one Player Slot
  • Booking is private and comes in a bundle of 5 Player Slots
  • 7 additional players can be added at check out
  • No one else will be matched to your booking
  • You will need a computer or mobile phone with internet connection. 
  • Please be ready and join the session on time. 
  • Headphones highly recommended.
  • No prior technology experience required
  • Bookings are not refundable but transferable (you can have someone else play your game instead)
  • While Lola in Space is a casual uplifting puzzler, Lola 2 Mars is a more challenging game 
  • Players who have completed Lola in Space can get a 10% discount on Lola 2 Mars

Rebooking or cancelling

All sales are final and non-refundable.

One time courtesy reschedule possible up to 7 days before event date.

No rescheduling possible for no shows or last minute cancellations.

Experience what everyone is talking about

“With the Reason, the bar for what to expect [in an escape room] has just been astronomically raised.. with the integration of drone, virtual reality, 3D printing and more into their high-tech escape room!”

“One way to humanize modern technology? Get trapped in a room with it and try to escape. A “future technology” game leaves us ready to hug our Roombas!”

“By placing teams in an alien environment, Reasons space encourages strategic thinking, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box!”

“The Future Technology Escape Room in San Francisco is an innovative concept that brings technology exploration and team building adventure together!”

“At Reason, players can use new technologies to help them escape, such as a 3D printer to fabricate an object that will aid their progress.”

Global mission control teams

Meet Lola's new friends