15 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Your Next team Event

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The holidays are rapidly approaching, and it’s time to start planning holiday gatherings and parties. When you’ve got a remote team, you have to get creative when planning a fun holiday. Get together virtually to celebrate the holidays and give thanks to your team. Try one of these virtual party ideas to create a fun … Read more

Practical team building tips to foster proactiveness

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Developing proactive employees is something that is incredibly beneficial for any organization. When considering virtual team-building options, finding a fun way to encourage proactiveness should be one of your top considerations. Keep reading to discover how an escape room in San Francisco can encourage proactiveness and improve efficiency and productivity in your business in the … Read more

12 Ice Breakers Games Your Team Will Love

ice breaker activity for teams

Icebreakers are a fun way to start thoughtful conversations and genuinely get to know your team on a deeper level than boring small talk. Using icebreakers or activities is an excellent way for teams to get to know each other, especially when you have a new team member or work remotely. Here are some engaging … Read more

Practical team building tips for fostering accountability

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Simply put, when organizations aren’t working together as a team, the product suffers. Personal achievement may be good for the individual but it doesn’t truly serve the success of the company. Although many understand this in theory, it still can be difficult for leadership to establish cohesive workplace dynamics. Fostering teamwork should start in the … Read more

How Virtual Team Building Benefits the Future of Work

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A lot has shifted over the last couple of years. We had to quickly adapt from having weekly meetings in a cramped conference room to hosting zoom meetings from the comfort of your home. While some offices have started to safely bring their employees back into the office, many businesses have shifted to a more … Read more