Implementing a Leadership Development Program

Woman reaches up from the bottom of a ladder trying to grasp the hand at the top of the ladder

What a leadership development program? A leadership development program is designed to help individuals learn how to build and refine their management and leadership skills. These programs incorporate a variety of learning experiences, such as workshops, training sessions, and mentoring opportunities, to help participants develop the skills needed to lead and inspire others. Some programs … Read more

The Must-Have Gadgets From The Best of CES 2024

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In this list you will find some of the best new products that were announced at CES 2024 and where you can buy these gadgets. Most devices from CES are imaginations of future product lines, some never making it to shelves. We are excited to bring you products we loved from CES 2024 that you … Read more

8 Best Ski Resorts in California, 2024

This winter, be sure to check out some of the best ski resorts that California has to offer. Whether your heart is set on riding lifts with view of Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, or perhaps a setting that’s off the beaten path; we’ve got you covered with where you should be buying lift tickets for the top … Read more

What is a Documentary?

Man wearing a cap is focused on a camera while filming. He is front lit in red with a bright white backlight.

A documentary film is a film production that aims to observe and depict real-life events, people, or issues in a fact-based and informative manner. Unlike narrative films, documentary filmmakers typically have an observational approach, often using interviews, first-hand accounts, and footage of real events to tell a story or convey a specific message. Documentaries aim to … Read more

10 Password Management Best Practices

A laptop, book, phone, and computer mouse chained together with a thick chain.

In today’s digital age, the importance of strong password management cannot be overstated. With the increasing number of online accounts and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, it is essential to prioritize and implement best practices for password security. From creating strong, unique passwords for each account to regularly updating them, there are several key … Read more

Starting a Successful HR Transformation

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What makes a successful HR transformation? It’s a new year, time for a new HR. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the role of HR within an organization has evolved significantly. HR leaders are continually seeking to redesign their company’s HR processes in order to improve the employee experience and increase overall productivity. Successful HR transformation … Read more

How “Design Thinking” Works

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Definition of design thinking “Design thinking” is both an ideology and a process that encourages a solution-based approach to problem-solving. It involves utilizing a creative and empathetic mindset to understand the needs of the end user and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs. Design thinking makes use of a set of design principles to … Read more