5 Epic Virtual Retreat and Corporate Team-Building Experiences

When you work remotely as a team can be a challenge. Without physical interaction, learning to work together takes more than just a few conference calls and back-to-back emails. Team building has been proven to help your team bond, learn how to collaborate, and become a solid unit with increased productivity and efficiency. 

Corporate retreats were the ideal way to bring your team together through intensive bonding over a few days at a luxurious or incredible outdoor excursion, but in the digital age, it works just a little differently. Thanks to many technological advances, remote teams can attend virtual retreats as a form of team building through fun and innovative ways. 

You can help your team avoid burnout and foster stronger communication and interpersonal skills by attending one of these epic virtual retreats to locations you wouldn’t usually be able to attend.

1. Go on a Virtual Expedition to Patagonia

Navigate through harsh landscapes on this ultimate virtual survival race to make it through without exhaustion, getting lost, or injured within an hour by hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking, and more. This experience helps pull your team together in a healthy competition to the finish line encouraging your team to think critically and engage actively. 

 2. Take a Virtual Safari to the Serengeti

Take your team on an incredible virtual journey on a live safari led by naturalists from Wild Earth as they navigate the African landscapes. Learn about the lions, hyenas, leopards, and more as you’re guided through their homes. Your team gets to dive deep into the wildlife’s daily lives and learn how all flora and fauna interact with each other without disturbing the natural habitats, never having to leave their home office. 

3. Take a Trip to the Moon during a Virtual Escape Room Moonshot 

Virtual escape rooms are an excellent way to create stronger working relationships by solving tough challenges. Moonshot takes virtual escape rooms up a notch with a trip to the moon for up to 100 people. Your entire team can enjoy solving puzzles to log into the station to help dock the ship.  

4. Climb Everest in VR 

The Oculus offers a unique way to explore impossible yet dangerous landscapes through a realistic view that makes you feel as if you’re really there. Explore five incredible scenes as you make your way from basecamp all the way up to the summit of Everest. Use this as a way to encourage your team to come together and discuss how the experience made them feel and what they liked most.

5. Grab Lunch in the Vatican During Your Lunch Break 

You and your team can enjoy a virtual field trip and tour the Vatican, where you can explore iconic scenery, art, sculptures, and incredible architecture all from the comfort of your home office. Learn about the history and stories behind many artifacts as you make your way through the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, and more featuring historical relics. This tour is a fun adventure your team can enjoy together and discuss long after the tour is over.

Keep your virtual team connected and build a positive company culture through fun and exciting virtual corporate retreats. Retreats are essential to help your team unwind and relax with their colleagues and get to know them on a more personal level. They help create a stronger work relationship and build a more successful foundation in the workplace.