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Reactor Escape

Can your team reverse the reactor meltdown and save our beloved city?

Crash Site Escape

Can your team disarm the ancient alien satellite before it self-destructs?

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Is it suitable for children?

Reason is great for children, especially those with keen interest in science and technology.

Do we require adults?

We do require minimum two adults to be present with minors.

Is it scary?

No, nothing at Reason will jump out and scare you.

Is it too hard for kids?

Our games are based on problem solving and teamwork. No technical knowledge required and suitable for all ages!

Grounded in Science and built on Reason.

Next Generation Science standards.


Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem with sufficient precision to ensure a successful solution, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment that may limit possible solutions.


Evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.


Analyze data from tests to determine similarities and differences among several design solutions to identify the best characteristics of each that can be combined into a new solution to better meet the criteria for success.


Develop a model to generate data for iterative testing and modification of a proposed object, tool, or process such that an optimal design can be achieved.

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