Tips For Managing High Performers

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Navigating the realm of high performers requires a delicate balance of recognizing talent, nurturing growth, and providing the right environment for excellence to flourish. In today’s competitive landscape, organizations must prioritize the development and management of their super stars to maintain a cutting edge. From promoting professional growth to fostering self-awareness and controlling workload, effective strategies … Read more

Implementing a Leadership Development Program

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What a leadership development program? A leadership development program is designed to help individuals learn how to build and refine their management and leadership skills. These programs incorporate a variety of learning experiences, such as workshops, training sessions, and mentoring opportunities, to help participants develop the skills needed to lead and inspire others. Some programs … Read more

5 Steps Leaders take to Make Effective Decisions

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The decision making process is the methodical, conscious, and logical approach used to evaluate alternatives and commit to a course of action. It involves gathering relevant information, identifying the goals and objectives, and considering any combined interests to make the best possible choice. A structured decision-making process begins with recognizing a problem that requires attention, … Read more

How to Help Build Trust Within Your Team

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Whenever you have a group of people working together, it can be frustrating to collaborate in an organized and effective way. Whether it’s a sports team, a corporate office, or even a group of friends preparing a D&D campaign together. Teambuilding should be practiced within any team, not just in the workplace. Here’s why trust … Read more

How to Restructure Your Team After Layoffs

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This year of 2022 continues to present a challenging business environment in the U.S. with 850 tech companies layoff 140,000 employees so far. The economy is in uncharted territories where many are feeling the squeeze between inflation and deteriorating market conditions. Some are struggling to make ends meet. It’s been a tough year for everyone … Read more

Explore Your Leadership Style in an Escape Room

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In escape rooms, our natural leadership styles arise as the clock winds down, and we try our best to rally our teammates towards success. Psychologist Kurt Lewin conducted research on leadership in 1939 so insightful that it still remains relevant to this day. The three styles he described as the following. Do you know what … Read more