Plan Your Next Silicon Valley Innovation Tour

Cupertino, CA, USA - December 13, 2017: Aerial photo of Apple new campus building

So your team decided to visit San Francisco to be inspired by the latest exponential technologies and trends? Awesome, this handy guide will show you the best spots to make the most out of your innovation trip to Silicon Valley. Agendas that work well typically begin with visits to prominent startups, investors, or established corporates … Read more

Explore Your Leadership Style in an Escape Room

dictator boss at work

In escape rooms, our natural leadership styles arise as the clock winds down, and we try our best to rally our teammates towards success. Psychologist Kurt Lewin conducted research on leadership in 1939 so insightful that it still remains relevant to this day. The three styles he described as the following. Do you know what … Read more

Tap into your Flow State for Peak Performance


Ask anyone who’s played an escape room about their perception of time and you’ll often hear that IT FLEW BY. People often forget about their basic human needs like eating, drinking, even using the restroom for upwards of 2 hours. It’s a whirlwind of an experience! What’s going on mentally that makes us so hyper-focused … Read more