Getting Engaged? A Guide to Proposing in an Escape Room

Recently here at Reason, we witnessed something beautiful. When Michael first approached us with his unconventional idea, we were shocked. We’ve had many events go down here; birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, retirement functions, to name a few. So when Michael asked us about proposing to his girlfriend Carine at Reason, we jumped at the opportunity … Read more

Why Escape Rooms are Popular Among Millennials

bunch of people smiling and looking at a tablet

If you’ve been alive recently, then you’ve had to have heard of escape rooms. You’re either scratching your head or reading this on your way to one, but like it or not escape rooms have become staple in social and professional spheres. It may seem like Millennials pick up and drop trends and practices as … Read more

Practice Stress Management in an Escape Room

Escape rooms are meant to be fun and don’t get me wrong, they absolutely are! But amidst the fun, stress also comes with the territory. The pressure from a limited time to escape, to perform well for your group, and to tackle completely novel challenges can stress you out and impair your performance if you … Read more

Top 10 team activities to pick up new skills

Do you have a team that needs bonding? Maybe they’re in need of a bit of skill building before releasing the next big product to disrupt the next big industry? Well, if this sounds like you, then do I have some good news: this list has everything you’ll need to create the super team of … Read more

Top 13 Family Activities in the Bay Area

So it’s finally a beautiful day in San Francisco. The adults have left the perils of work far behind and the kids have succumbed to leisurely mindsets, with this almost-too-perfect combination of things, what’s there left to do? You want something fun for the whole family but you want  to avoid the kitschy tourists and … Read more