10 Best Team Building Apps to Strengthen Your Team

Team building is an essential aspect of any strong company culture, and when you work remotely, you have to get creative when thinking of how to incorporate team-building events. Many team-building apps use creative ways to encourage your team to engage with each other through games, recognition, scavenger hunts, and more. Here are 10 of the best team-building apps to strengthen your team.

Expedition Patagonia 

Patagonia is a virtual survival race that is a fun way to connect, engage, and build stronger working relationships through a fun team-building experience. Perfect for the remote or hybrid team. Participants are invited to an exhilarating expedition navigating through some of the most majestic landscapes in Patagonia.


Heytaco is a fun integration into your team’s Slack channel to send someone a taco and a fun, positive message. It’s a fun way to encourage engagement and positivity and helps your team celebrate wins.


Pingboard is an easy solution to help keep teams connected by creating an easy-to-use space to view your company’s org chart. Pingboard integrates recognition and get-to-know-you features that help foster strong working relations and help your team stay connected while networking.


RallyBright is an assessment built to help measure, diagnose, and improve your team’s performance. It’s a great way to gain insight on where your team is and how you can move forward into transforming your team into a stronger high, performing team. Teams get access to resources and tools to help them improve their skills. 


With Scavify, you can create a fun scavenger hunt that fosters connections within your team. Create a fun photo or video challenges to interact with the world around them or create quizzes to help them sharpen their senses. Your team gets moving and learns how to collaborate better, and creates an entertaining, competitive space. 


Kahoot! is a creative quiz game featuring multiple choice answers, a time limit, and a fun interface. Kahoot! can be used to train and test your team’s knowledge in an exciting and engaging way. You can encourage your team to integrate Kahoot! into their presentations and meetings to help boost participation and strengthen your company culture in a way that makes your team feel involved and valued. 


Culture is everything for an effective and efficient team. Kudos is a recognition platform that encourages your organization’s engagement and improves the workplace culture. Kudos can help increase productivity, boost morale, and increase productivity.  

Good & Co 

Good&Co is dedicated to helping people find happiness in the workplace by assessing each individual on your team’s strengths and key traits so you can gain better insights into how everyone works as an individual and what drives them to be successful. Understanding where each person fits in the culture can lead to more motivation, better performance, and better job satisfaction. 


People thrive in the workplace when they feel valued and like their peers, and leadership recognizes all the hard work they’ve been putting in. Nectar is a recognition and reward system where peers and leadership can engage colleagues through live feeds and give peers points when they demonstrate their company’s core values. Points can be redeemed for company swag or gifts cards from major brands as an incentive.


15five is a software that measures performance and helps engage employees through weekly check-ins to help teams stay on track. You can easily gauge your team’s mindset and performance through a series of questions presented to them weekly. 


Apploye Time Tracking App helps organizations to track their time, manage payroll, bill their clients, log work hours across projects, oversee online timesheets, and operate a productive team. With Apploye time tracking and billing software, you have no worries about missing time of employees, unproductive time spending, inaccurate billing, haphazard project management, and inaccurate payroll management.

Team building through the virtual workspace is essential in creating lasting bonds and stronger working relationships that drive a more efficient and productive workplace and create happier, more valued employees overall. 


SmartTask is an online collaboration tool that manages your team’s progress. This platform offers an easy way to collaborate, with a clear interface that lets you see which team member is doing what and by when. SmartTask allows you to use different interface views depending on the goals of your team. Whether you’re in charge of one-time tasks or long-term projects with many steps, there’s a view for you. You can use the Calendar view to keep track of all your meetings and deadlines.