3 Easy Steps to Create Your Own NFT

NFT 3d art make your own

Creating an NFT is sure to be on the minds of artists and creatives everywhere. NFTs have become the most popular crypto trend of 2021, which is only growing larger. Check out some crypto stats to see how large. NFTs are unique collectible nonfungible tokens that create a unique one-of-a-kind token that people cannot duplicate. … Read more

The Best and Easiest Way to Buy an NFT in 2022

how to buy nft

NFTs are unique non-fungible tokens purchased on the blockchain network, and each one represents a one-of-a-kind thing, from art to music to trading cards. The tokens are a way for artists and creators alike to create something and own the rights throughout all sales, and continue to earn as it passes hands.  Buying an NFT … Read more

What is an NFT

codex NFT

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs first appeared in 2017 with their now popular Cryptopinks and Cryptokitties. They are pieces of digit media that can never be replaced or interchanged. The digital ledger of each transaction is distributed across networks of computer systems on the blockchain. What is a blockchain? In the simplest terms, a public blockchain … Read more

Echo Auto Review and Video Demo

Young Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car

Introduction It’s been almost a year since we met the masterminds behind Echo Auto and finally, we got our hands on one! It’s super exciting to get the world’s most advanced voice UI into the Jeep, This is especially exciting after our previous failed attempts of trying to get Echo Dot to work over mobile … Read more

Neuralink: Linking our lives together one layer at a time

Illustration of a nerve cell on a colored background with light effects. 3D render of Neurons Network. Active neurons brain connections nervous system.

Who created this crazy INTENSE company? Elon Musk, creator of all things GREAT, is the all-knowing creator. Musk has founded multiple successful companies like PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, so why should Neuralink be any different. Elon Musk found motivation to create this in order to synchronize the digital and real world. His ultimate goal is … Read more

Singularity of Art and Technology

cassandra conference

When AI will have become so advanced that it triggers runaway growth, we would have reached the inevitable Technological singularity Most experts predict a date around the middle of the century for AI superintelligence to emerge. Yep, Robots which are smarter than ourselves, self-aware and with an agenda. This might sound pretty scary, but according to our … Read more

Get Ready, Let’s Talk About Robots!

Robot sitting on a bunch of books. Contains clipping path

What a time to be alive! As we sit in a self-driving Uber, using Siri to find the Autonomous Raman Machine in San Francisco while downloading the “Mitsuku Chatbot App” and “EZ Builder Mobile Robot App” we get to delve into the age old question of what is mankind’s need for robots, and why are … Read more

At The Intersection of Art & Technology

sun shining on ISS

Art and science are intertwined. Ever since artists mixed minerals to create pigments to paint with, visual arts have depended on the science of optics to express themselves with a stunning range of colors. Photography was made possible by chemistry and Bach’s counterpoints are the masterful products of mathematics. Like art, science attempts to help … Read more