Best San Francisco City Tours

SF city tour of the red woods

The weather is ideal and its time to get outdoors as much as possible! Here are some of the best outdoor tours that take you to some of the most interesting and beautiful outdoor locations in and around the city of San Francisco. SF Escape Tour  Starting off at the Ferry Building, your best option … Read more

Meet our Community Hero: Eva Garcia

eve garcia with her son

Know someone making an impact in your community? Nominate them for Community Heroes Award! Tell us about yourself:  I grew up in the Bay Area and I now live in San Francisco with my 15-year-old son. I was working at a dental office until the pandemic hit and then I was laid off. In a … Read more

7 most exhilarating city tours in San Francisco

San Francisco city tour on scooter meets outdoor escape game

There are many different ways to experience a city, but whatever way you choose there is always an opportunity to maximize your experience by either creating your own tour or being led through one. Below are tours that are built around the fun activities and locations that make San Francisco an amazing place to explore. … Read more

8 fun and cheap things to do in San Francisco

san francisco city tour on electric scooter

San Francisco is an incredible city with so much to offer, including plenty of fun activities that will not break the bank. The various neighborhoods full of unique personality, the number of parks throughout, and beautiful scenery set the stage for endless possibilities as far as activities are concerned. Really all you need to do … Read more

Have You Heard of Bullet Journaling?

woman writing in a journal

bullet journal spotlight bulletjournals (@bulletjournals) September 17, 2018 Until I was introduced to bullet journaling, I used to think that there was no organizational system that could possibly help me organize the messy jumble of thoughts in my head without tedious and often unsustainable effort. There are a million reasons why bullet … Read more

Fantastic Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

Gingerbread cookie men in a hot cup of cappuccino

We are big fans of the traditional Thanksgiving andChristmas meals. However, the flavors and ingredients of the holidays dont have to live just in desserts and meals all the time. Sometimes we find ourselves aching for something new and fresh in the kitchen. Enter the beverage department: a fun place to spice things up and … Read more

Boozy treats to jazz up your next holiday event

Christmas hot chocolate in a black cup with caramelized oranges, fir branches and candy cane on dark background, Selective focus

With most of us eagerly awaiting this holiday season, one can only wonder what we can do this year that will add a little something new and special into the mix. This list of fun and boozy holiday treats is what youve been looking for.   Boozy Tree Ornaments Want to know what would make Christmas … Read more

Autumn DIY projects for the whole family

pretty autumn lights and pumpins

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what better way to impress your family and friends than some creative DIY decorations? Here are some simple yet elegant DIY projects that will surely inspire the fall spirit and provide a fun experience for family members of all ages. Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns I must admit, I … Read more