Escape Rooms: Your Secret Weapon for Driving Corporate Innovation

silicon valley corporate innovation

What is corporate innovation? Corporate innovation is a process whereby organizations seek to improve their performance by developing new products, services, or processes. It typically involves the application of new technologies and business models to create value for customers or shareholders. Corporate innovation can help organizations to remain competitive in rapidly changing markets, and can … Read more

Escape Rooms: the Ultimate Tool to Enhance Team Building Skills in Kids

What is an escape room? For anyone searching for a fun way to exercise your brain in the company of others, there’s no need to look further. Escape rooms provide adventure, teach critical thinking, and promote cooperative play. In an escape room, your first goal is to find clues. Those clues are crucial to helping … Read more

The Effect Of Employee Morale On Your Brand

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When employees are happy and engaged, it shows in the quality of their work. And when your brand is associated with high-quality work, it can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. The Importance Of Employee Morale It has been said that happy employees lead to happy customers. This may be true in some cases, … Read more

7 Best Puzzles for Mental Exercise 

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The Benefits of Puzzles  Whether done for fun or to sharpen your reasoning skills, puzzles offer a range of benefits. Puzzles are proven to strengthen memory, improve visual-spatial reasoning, and increase your attention to detail. After a long day, they can improve your mood by reducing stress as you direct your focus to the challenge … Read more

10 of the Spookiest San Francisco Halloween Team Building Activities

spooky haloween costume

San Francisco Halloween is an exciting time for team outings. The city comes alive with spooky decorations and fun costumes. There are also many Halloween events and activities to enjoy. This makes it the perfect time to get together with friends or co-workers and have a great time. Go to Prison Head to Alcatraz Island … Read more

10 virtual team-building activities are easy to set up and fun to do!

anna doing a virtual cooking team event

Virtual team-building activities can be a lot of fun! They can help team members get to know each other better and build trust. They can also help teams develop their communication and collaboration skills. There are various virtual team-building activities that you can do, so there is sure to be something that will work well … Read more