How Students Can Benefit From Teamwork

students team building

Working in a group will always require some adjusting, here are some ways you can develop teamwork skills for collaborative projects as a student -and if you’re a teacher, here are some ways you can help students work with others in group projects. What is effective teamwork? Effective teamwork is when a group of individuals … Read more

Historical Landmarks in San Francisco

palace of fine arts

So you’ve experienced the future at Reason Future Tech what’s next? you love history and want to explore San Francisco’s past, make sure to add these landmarks to your itinerary! Mission Dolores and The Mission District The Mission District in San Francisco gets its name from Mission Dolores, the oldest intact building in the city, … Read more

10 Tips to Master Time Management and Boost Productivity

time management

Time management is a crucial aspect of boosting productivity, and it can greatly improve one’s stress levels. It involves organizing and prioritizing tasks to maximize the amount of work accomplished within a set timeframe. Effective time management allows individuals to work smarter and not harder, accomplishing more in less time. This translates to increased productivity, … Read more

Active Listening and How to Become a Better Listener

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What Is Active Listening? Active listening is an essential interpersonal skill that involves paying full attention to what someone is saying. It is a technique used to establish rapport, understand and empathize with the speaker in communication. Active listening requires an active listener who listens with their ears, eyes, and mind. This means the listener … Read more