The Iterative Design Process

Man in black bath robe wearing VR goggles while walking a flying drone on a leash

What’s iterative user interface design? Iterative user interface design is a design methodology based on user feedback and user research. It involves continually refining and improving a product through a series of design iterations. Each iteration involves creating a prototype, conducting user tests, and gathering feedback from users and stakeholders. This iterative process allows designers to refine … Read more

How “Design Thinking” Works

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Definition of design thinking “Design thinking” is both an ideology and a process that encourages a solution-based approach to problem-solving. It involves utilizing a creative and empathetic mindset to understand the needs of the end user and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs. Design thinking makes use of a set of design principles to … Read more

From Brainstorming to A/B testing: How Escape Rooms Can Improve Your UX Design Workflow

ux design escape room

User experience design is a constantly evolving field that requires designers to be innovative, creative, and user-focused. As the technology landscape continues to change, designers must be able to adapt quickly to new trends and user behaviors. One area that can provide valuable insights into this process is escape rooms. Escape rooms are immersive experiences … Read more