The Must-Have Gadgets From The Best of CES 2024

In this list you will find some of the best new products that were announced at CES 2024 and where you can buy these gadgets. Most devices from CES are imaginations of future product lines, some never making it to shelves. We are excited to bring you products we loved from CES 2024 that you can purchase now. CES 2024 was very exciting this year and we cannot wait to get our hands on some of this brand new tech!

Alienware m16 R2 (Best gaming laptop)

One of the more impressive gaming laptops at CES 2024 packs quite the feature set that has us stoked! It includes Windows 11 home and runs an Intel Core Ultra H processor along side a GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card. We were impressed to see that Dell made some improvements to the cooling, thanks to a redesigned layout allowing for more efficient airflow so you can game longer. Users will also appreciate the more ergonomic and tactile Legend 3 design that boast a more premium feel. This powerful device can be purchased right now from Dell.

Evie Ring (Best health and fitness wearable)

Movano Health has developed an exciting new, feature rich, smart ring that is optimized for women’s health. This fitness tracker will monitor vitals, sleep quality, activity tracking and your menstrual cycle. The companion app will give you personalized insights towards fitness goals and prioritized metrics. We appreciate that this device does not have a subscription service and includes a portable USB-C charging case, unlike the offerings from Oura. With Evie, we’re certain we’ll be at peak performance in no time!

Audio-Technica ATX-TWX7 (Best headphones)

With a well established name in the headphone game, Audio-Technica has released the new ATX-TWX7 wireless earbuds. The buds use Bluetooth 5.1 for increased connectivity reliability, variable noise reduction for calls, touch controls, 7 hour average battery life, and a unique Soundscape function that allows for relaxing sound playback at the touch of a button. This headset comes in at the sweet price of $199, which is much lower than the selections from Sony, Apple, and Bose. You can grab these buds now available for purchase from the Audio-Technica website!

TCL S5 (Best TV innovation)

One of the standout products we saw at CES 2024 this year is the new 4K TCL S5 98 inch TV. This stunning device boasts a 4K resolution with High Brightness LEDs, 120Hz refresh rate, a first of its kind product to bring an AI-assisted algorithm for picture adjustment, Google Chromecast(for Android phones), and a host of built in speakers to include a subwoofer. Compared to the Samsung OLED displays announced this year, we felt this device was a  better bargain with specifications that would be more than desirable for most. Be sure to check out Best Buy to purchase one of these TVs for your living room.

Linxura Smart Controller (Best smart home device)

The Linxura Smart Controller is a small handheld device built to control all of the smart home gadgets you own. This accessory can control up to 52 devices, all visualized on a small built-in adjustably dim e-ink display, that can be manipulated with a iPod like click wheel to select other connected devices. We believe this is one of the best gadgets from CES 2024 that’ll be useful for controlling anything from TVs to projectors, or smart lights to security cameras. Be sure to swing by the Linxura site to snag one of the best home devices shown off at CES.

Rabbit R1 (Best AI device)

With AI rapidly making its way into every crevice of our lives, we welcome the new flagship Rabbit R1 personal assistant device. The R1 uses AI in the form of Large Action Model functionality to bring the best results related to searches, travel, reservations, communication, and much more. This device has a small screen to show you your results, a speaker to reply using audio, and a camera to gather contextual imagery for your queries. The local AI on the device will give you the ability to ask questions based on context and it will return personalized results. We are hyped to get our hands on one of the best new gadgets at CES from Rabbit.