Locking up Your Family in an Escape Room

So youve decided that its time to lock up your family. Look no further than escape rooms! This is a fun-filled, family-friendly activity that will appeal to your oldest of relatives all the way to your youngest ones. If youre looking for a good reason to lock your family up in a room for over an hour, here are a few!

  • Great Team-Building Activity

Escape rooms are a great way to bring everyone together, whether youre celebrating something or just want to get the crew together. At this point, youre either jumping for joy at the notion of being stuck in such close proximity to your family, or you arent. If youre reluctant, think about it this way. Before entering an escape room, you leave the family roles at the door. Once in the room, your parents, your grandparents, your little cousins, and whoever else tags along are now your teammates working towards a common goal. Youll need to collaborate with each other as equals if you want to succeed. This is great because you might discover that family members with whom youve never had anything in common are actually a lot of fun to work with. Which bring us to our next point.


  • Fun for Everyone, Literally

Escape rooms are a great idea for family outings because everyone can enjoy them. Whether your group spans four generations or just two, escape room activities are still the thing for you! They dont require any special skills or prior knowledge. All you need to have a good time is the right mindset. So bring your great great grandparents or maybe even your newly born cousins, and theyll have just as much fun as anyone! Ok, maybe not the babies, but you get our point. Weve had players as young as two years old, and while they may not have understood a single thing, the sure still seemed to have a great time. Its pretty simple; theres a room, you need to escape, anyone can participate!

  • Things Can Go Wrong

So your greatest fear has come true, your entire family is yelling over each other while the clock is ticking away and you arent any step closer to escaping the room. In one corner, grandma is distracted the holograms she finds, in another, dad is inspecting the lasers, and smack dab in the middle of the room, your little cousins have decided to play their own game of hiding the clues from everyone. Meanwhile youre grinding away trying to solve two puzzles at a time while simultaneously attempting to herd the remainder of your family that hasnt given up yet. However, everyone is too busy arguing about who didnt bring what at the family reunion and who brought who even though they werent supposed to.

Your chances look grimmer by each minute that passes and the walls almost literally begin to close in. At this point, one of two things can happen.

  1. You can rally up your family with an inspiring pep talk about being a team and that no matter what obstacles and hardship you face it wont matter as long as youre all together. They start applauding, nearly in tears, mustering their final bits of energy and effort, solving puzzles at an astounding speed and working together like never before!
  2. They all keep doing what theyre doing and ignore you. If you think you identify with the second point, read on.
  • Things Can Go Great

Yes, there is actually a scenario where things go great. Doing fun activities such as escape rooms are a great way for you and your family to explore, experiment, and grow. For example, our tech-themed escape rooms here at Reason are a wonderful new environment to explore things like 3D printers, virtual reality, even robot arms! This can be appreciated by your whole family, even if some people do not have any particular interest in tech. For all you know, grandpa is actually a VR champion, mom is an expert robot whisperer, and your little cousins are master 3D printers! This is an excellent environment for people to explore new talents and interests. Yes, theres a timer and you have to get out, but remember, youll have fun along the way!

  • Planning is Simple

For tips on how to plan an escape room outing, check out this helpful article. Now since youre bringing your family, remember the more the merrier. Bring your immediate family and your extended family and even some other family! There are no rules on who you can and cannot bring. Just make sure you plan in advance. This way, your grandparents can reschedule their BINGO game, your parents wont miss out on those opera tickets they werent going to use anyway, and so your little cousins can finish up the homework theyve been putting off. Escape rooms are great for anyone and everyone.

So if all of this brings a little giggle o your belly, bring your family to visit us here at Reason and lock yourselves up in our Reactor or CrashSite escape. We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones soon!