What is Friend Building?

What if I told you that you could do other things with your friends besides complain about rent and switch off between having picnics at Dolores and the Presidio? What if…you could even become better friends?! 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I am here to tell you about friend building, sometimes also referred to as friend building, aka the secret sauce to step up your friend game. Companies may have coined the whole team building term but why should you bond with your coworkers and not your own friends? Who says you can’t also become more in sync and grow closer. The secret is to try out team building activities, but here’s the catch: do them with friends!

Yes, you heard me right. Those events you do with your coworkers can also be done with your friends. You will emerge better, faster, stronger *cue Kanye*.

But seriously. Who doesn’t want to step up their friend group game? And have fun at the same time? Escape rooms are a classic example of a team building *ahem friend building* experience that is both fun and challenging. Some great games in San Francisco include Reason’s sci-fi-tastic escape rooms. You can go with your friends and flex on those Morse code skills you thought you wouldn’t get to use again after your middle school project about the telegraph, or maybe even show off how well you can pick a lock.

While you work through the puzzles, you’ll grow closer with your friends and start to develop connections deeper than before, by learning how to work together and solve problems. If that isn’t an adult friendship, what is? Best of all, you’ll also be able to brag about how awesome your friends are to… well, the other friends.

Friend building also allows your friends to understand one another better in a different context. Who knew that Kelsey is a badass at delegating tasks? Or that Steve is low-key an artist? It’s hard to know every trait your friends possess when you only see them in a social context; activities that require collaboration and thoughtful solutions allow people to show themselves in new ways, even to their closest friends.

So get out there and start building on that friendship. Who knows! Maybe you will become the best of friends ever and maybe even start the next billion-dollar company together.. while staying friends!