Leverage Unique Personalities in an Escape Room: The Downers

Part 2

In our second installation, we will be discussing those team members who work against the group. You can read the first part here.

Downers usually come in two forms where their involvement either bring down a group’s progress or the morale of the whole team. Keep in mind, players oftentimes are unaware of their own behaviors so in this post, we will share some ideas to help them become productive and engaged!

The Guru


The Guru might have played a few escape rooms before and has a tendency to know it all both in and out of the office.  The Guru’s enthusiasm is only shadowed by endless confidence and the ability to assert his/her points. Unfortunately, this often translates into dismissing other’s ideas and focusing the team onto the wrong things. As such it’s one of the hardest obstacles for teams to overcome.


The Guru stands firm in what he or she believes in and will relentlessly try to prove it to others. This can be a useful skill in large teams or in situations where you need to share important pieces of information or make sure everyone is following some sort of operational process. For example, showing team members how to operate robotics in the room. The guru can be your best advocate who helps steer your teams towards their goals. And remember, it doesn’t hurt to remind someone that their efforts are appreciated!

The Disengaged


So we’re not too sure why this person came because they don’t seem to really want to be a part of the offsite. The Disengaged will tend to be unenthused by anything and could bring everyone else down with them. There are many reasons for this kind of behavior. Sometimes it’s solvable, sometimes it isn’t. You can identify this person by looking for someone who looks bored or overtly negative about the day but remember to approach them with kindness and patience.


The goal is to minimize the Disengaged’s negative impact on your game and your team. Use your best judgment to determine the best way to approach him or her. Remember sometimes all it takes is to find the right kind of activity this person would be interested in. You might find that the Disengaged actually has a strong passion or knowledge of certain rare or important topics! Perhaps what is needed is just a little encouragement and patience, but the Disengaged shouldn’t be rushed or ignored. Your team is at its best when every member is at their best!

So there goes part two. Ready for more? You can read part 3 here. 

Ultimately, these Downers are an integral part of your group. While they may have different motivations and aspirations, it’s good to explore ways on how to evolve as a team. Check out our different corporate team events here at Reason and see where it takes you! A team that plays together, grows together!