Leverage Unique Personalities in an Escape Room: The Distractors

No team is perfect and there will always be some outliers that make things a little harder than they need be. It’s in these times you need to remember that they are your teammates. And rather than shun, it’s best to sympathize and help them work around your team’s setbacks. What might seem as a flaw at first can actually be your team’s greatest advantage! The distractors, the downers, and the quiet ones are some people most of us have encountered. In this three-part blog we will be discussing how to leverage these unique personalities and help your team be the best it can be!

Part 1

In this first part, we will look at the people on our teams who are often times distracting. They’re confident and engaged, but it never seems to be at the right place or at the right time. They clearly want to contribute something to their group, but they are held back by either their inflated egos or their insatiable curiosity. It’s important to channel their energy and provide them with a little guidance!

The Attention Seeker


You can pick Attention-Seekers out of the crowd almost too easily. They’re not great listeners and they’ll talk just for the sake of sounding smart. Sometimes they might get things right, but more often than not, they’re not and derail the entire team. They don’t mean harm, they just like to be heard. Although the Attention-Seeker can be intelligent, they are often too focused on themself see the bigger picture.


Remember that Attention-Seekers might just be feeling a little lost or unappreciated, so try giving them a specific task they can focus on. Sometimes all they need is a little direction! Assign the Attention-Seekers a particular goal towards which they can channel their efforts and energy. Maybe their communication skills can help keep the team in synch; or maybe their bold personalities can help the team boost morale. Either way, escape rooms are all about communication, so when it comes to relaying information, this person is your MVP!

The Wanderer


Much like the Attention-Seeker, Wanderers are neither great at listening nor focusing. They tend give up on tasks easily and wander off. This person tends to be funny and charming, so they’ll bring other people along in their various jaunts. It may be fun, but often distracting to the team. While usually engaged by their surroundings, they sometime have a bit too much energy to focus on one thing to see it through. 


You can leverage the Wanderer’s naturally curious nature to your advantage and give them a specific role or particular objective. They can be your pioneer throughout your escape room, discovering uncharted territory and helping you think outside the box! Escape rooms are all about uncovering clues, so the Wanderer could be your greatest asset in escaping. They have an unlimited supply of energy and a great potential for creative output.

So there goes part one. Ready for more? You can read part 2 here. 

Even distractors can become an important contributors to your team’s success. Try it out in your next meeting or join us at Reason for your next escape room team-building adventure. Because teams who play together, grow together!