How to Leverage Unique Personalities in an Escape Room: The Quiet Ones

Part 3

In the final blog of this three-part series, we’ll be looking at the people in your group that seem a little reluctant. They might seem like outsiders and don’t mingle too much with the team but in reality, they are valuable resources for the team waiting to be unleashed. Ignore them and you’re robbing your team of all the things they have to offer. Work with them and you’ll enrich your group with skills and perspectives you never knew you had!

The Timid


The timid is characterized as someone who is maybe too scared or too self-conscious to explore that they end up being unproductive. Sometimes, this person will even come off as a bit of a nay-sayer, shooting down ideas before even thinking about them or trying them. Keep in mind that the Timid might just be intimidated by their environment, which could be the enthusiasm of their colleagues or the watchful eye of their boss. Or this person could have had bad previous experiences and is projecting their fears onto your current activity.


Give this person some reassurance. It’s easy to feel isolated and reclused if you perceive as though you’re the only person who doesn’t approach something with equal vigor or confidence as your peers. Remember to keep the Timid involved because they’re just looking for a sense of belonging. This person’s caution could also act as the pragmatic voice of reason. A little push and words of encouragement can propel your team in availing of everyone’s talents!

The Shy


This person is usually rather introverted and quiet. You see them buzzing around and doing things, but you never quite hear them share any of their findings or plans. They like to work alone, and as a result they tend to overthink. Sometimes they get somewhere, but other times they’re stuck in their own loop of thought. The Shy might prefer to work alone either to avoid distractions or it’s because they feel as though there isn’t room for them to speak up among the rest of the team.


It’s important to give this person the space to express themselves. Sometimes the Shy have a hard time asserting and expressing their thoughts because they feel either unimportant or unheard. Seek this person out, ask for their input, include them in group discussions, you might find that they actually have a lot to say. While it may be difficult if you’re team is pressed for time, patience and active listening will be the key to your team’s collective success!

Essentially, the Quiet Ones are diamonds in the rough, and with enough patience and encouragement, you might just get to see them shine! Come on down to Reason where teams from all share unforgettable memories! A team that plays together grows together!