Escape Room Fundamentals

The team recently made a visit to Reason, the world’s first future tech escape room located in San Francisco. It was a great honor to meet Leo Laporte and his team, who have been on the forefront of technology innovation and a thought leader in Silicon Valley since 2005! Super OG’s! 

It was even more humbling to be to be featured on the #1 ranked technology podcast, This Week in Tech.  The team had a blast and recapped their adventure in their latest Youtube video. Here are some some interesting take-aways to help you get the most out of your next escape room outing.

Choosing a Game

Escape rooms are fun and distinctive challenges that come in all shapes and sizes. To have the absolute most fun be sure you select a room which everyone agrees on in terms of theme and game play. Other considerations include, technology used, production value, game design, puzzle types and more.

Moving Around

Most modern escape rooms contain multiple rooms in a game. You won’t find yourself trapped in just a single room, but instead in a labyrinth of rooms that you have to navigate. Move around and coordinate with your team to explore each room. Also make sure to have different players working on all the puzzles so you don’t miss anything.


Escape games are designed to be fun for a broad audience, meaning that they generally don’t need specific expertise or prior experience. Depending on what game you have chosen to play, the puzzles will usually relate to the theme. The game should provide you with all the information you need to solve the puzzle where no complicated explanations are needed.

Bio Breaks

You’re going to be trapped within the room for some time, therefore it’ll be smart to visit the toilet before playing. Also from our own experience, escape rooms are a lot more fun if the players are sober. That way, it’s much easier to keep the team on track and apply teamwork against the clock.


Due to safety, you won’t ever be truly locked within the room. When the room is locked, there should always be a way to exit the game in case of emergency.  Make sure to ask your game hosts before the game if this is not clear. However, in the case of most escape rooms, if you choose to exit before the game is over, you essentially surrender the game and won’t be able to reenter.

Picking a team

Escape rooms are best played in a team. They are fun for the whole family, group of friends, or colleagues. Whatever the occasion, recruit players that you will enjoy working with and be trapped in a room together. You definitely want to bring the A-team to your first game.


Although escape rooms usually give you everything you need to solve the puzzle, the solutions are not always apparent or simple. If you choose to exit, you won’t have the ability to reenter. Sometimes you might overlook certain elements while other times the solutions might be too complicated to see at first.  Most escape rooms make it possible for you to request hints so don’t be shy if you get stuck!


Escape rooms are an expanding entertainment phenomenon where individuals or groups have a limited amount of time to complete a number puzzles or challenges in order to escape. Live escape games are played around the world by people for more than a decade now and still getting more popular. So when you and your team are ready for the challenge, remember these helpful tips for your next escape room. You are going to have a blast.