3 Easy Steps to Create Your Own NFT

Creating an NFT is sure to be on the minds of artists and creatives everywhere. NFTs have become the most popular crypto trend of 2021, which is only growing larger. Check out some crypto stats to see how large. NFTs are unique collectible nonfungible tokens that create a unique one-of-a-kind token that people cannot duplicate. It is always tied to the artist, and the artist will continue to make a profit as it changes hands. It beats selling art one time at a gallery! 

Creating an NFT is much easier than you may think, and you can join in on the thousands of people selling their collections and making a killing. We’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you create your own NFTs. 

1. Make Art

The first step in creating your first NFT is to choose what kind of NFT you want to create. An NFT can be any kind of digital asset, a music file, text, a game, a painting, a gif, you name it. The possibilities are endless. Think about your skills and your artistic talents and what you would be best at and use that. Make sure you own the intellectual property of what you would like to turn into an NFT! 

2. Create a MetaMask Wallet And Load it With Ethereum

Once you have created your artwork, you’ll want to invest in Ethereum. You can use any kind of blockchain, but Ethereum is the most widely, and all of the more popular NFT marketplaces support it. 

MetaMask is by far the easiest way to load a wallet with Etherium. You will want to download either the plugin on your browser or download the app on your phone. Create your MetaMask account if you have not already done so. Be sure to write down your passcode somewhere safe not to lose it. If you lose your passcode, you lose access to your account forever. There is no backway in! 

Once you have your MetaMask wallet created, you will want to purchase Ethereum. Most NFT marketplaces charge a fee to mint an NFT, so you will want to have funds prepared. Be sure to load at least $200 as the operational price to verify wallet and transaction fees cost quite a bit.

3. Log in to OpenSea with MetaMask and Upload Your NFT

The final step is to upload your NFT into a marketplace, where you will complete the process to create your NFT and list it in the marketplace. OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces we will use as our example today. After creating an OpenSea profile, click on your profile icon at the top right corner and connect your MetaMask wallet. 

After your wallet is connected, click on Create in the top menu create a collection and fill in the required information. Now you’re ready to load up your artwork. Write all the details you would like to provide about your art and when you’re ready, click create. 

To sell it on OpenSea, open your collection, select your newly minted NFT and click on the sell button. You can choose to accept Ethereum as payment, and you can choose to sell it at a fixed price or at an auction. You will also be able to select if you would like to continue to receive royalties on subsequent sales.

Once you’ve listed it, you should market it and advertise, but that is the process, and you have now created and listed your first NFT. Check out our NFT collection.