Using Apple Vision Pro For Productivity

Love it or hate it, augmented reality (AR) has slowly been gaining traction since PokemonGO and Google Glass. Now, Apple has taken a crack at bringing a consumer device to the market that is, once again, making waves. As Future Tech enthusiasts, we have a feeling that it will require several more iterations before the general public will see wearing them about town as cool, but the opportunities for work and play are phenomenal. For example, it reduces the need for massive monitors in your work or home office and can encourage focus by filtering out your surroundings–both great productivity opportunities straight out of the gate. 

Use Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computing To Boost Your Productivity

Step into a realm where the Apple ecosystem meets spatial computing with Vision Pro. Beyond its spatial audio and video prowess, this groundbreaking device revolutionizes productivity tools like Keynote and FaceTime. let’s explore the freedom to reshape apps in space, introduce the Mac Virtual Display, and welcome Microsoft 365 apps for seamless integration into your productive day. Vision Pro isn’t just a productivity powerhouse; it transforms Apple TV, offers immersive games, and promotes relaxation through Mindfulness. Join me on a concise journey through the endless possibilities of Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Ecosystem Is Your Friend

Apple Vision Pro is designed to bring the powerful capabilities of the Apple ecosystem into a spatial computing experience. With features like spatial audio, spatial video, and the ability to immerse yourself in spatial experiences, When you don the Apple Vision Pro, you enter the world of endless possibilities. With the high entertainment value at the forefront of our minds for Apple Vision Pro features, let’s instead turn our heads (pun intended) to the productivity tools Apple has to offer.

Immediately you will recognize apps that are already available on other Apple devices, such ass Apple Music, Safari, Apple, Arcade, and the App Store, however some of these apps have expanded capabilities on the Apple Vision Pro. One app available on Apple Vision Pro that sticks out is Keynote, which still allows you to make slide decks, however with Apple Vision Pro, allows you to enter a virtual stage or conference room so that you may rehearse your presentation. The next familiar app that has been enhanced is FaceTime, which uses Personas, a digital representation of you seen by call participants and vice-versa with other Apple Vision Pro users. This experience enables the ability to feel as if you are in the same room as others, making it easier than ever to have video calls when you’re not in the conference room. After touring VisionOS, you are likely to notice how you can free apps from the boundaries in which they open, giving you the ability to resize their shape in space to as large or small as you want. This flexibility allows you to work in a way that you would not otherwise be able to on your other devices thanks to Apple immersive video.

With the app resizing capabilities of Apple Vision Pro  fresh on our minds, I should also point out Mac Virtual Display. This feature can transform your Mac display into one that is viewable from within Vision Pro. This function will break you free from the boundaries of a display, allowing you to view your screen at the size of your dreams. With Mac Virtual Display, you can still use your Mac keyboard and mouse (or Bluetooth peripherals) giving you the tactile control you desire while working. Additionally, you are able to use Vision Pro apps along side your Virtual Display if you wish.

Microsoft Offers A Helping Hand Too

Microsoft is also offering a helping hand to Apple users with the release of Microsoft 365 productivity apps on Vision Pro. This collaboration opens up a world of new possibilities for productivity, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their favorite Microsoft apps with the capabilities of Vision Pro. 

Microsoft has embraced the capabilities of Spatial Computing by optimizing PowerPoint to create slides the way you are accustomed to, while being able to rehearse your presentation similar to how you would in Keynote. Apple Vision Pro can transform Excel into a data analyzing, spreadsheet manipulating, machine, by allowing you to multitask in a way you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in a traditional computing environment. Using Word on Vision Pro can free you from distractions, by enabling immersive environments offered by Apple so that you may draft documents without disturbance. Another app taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Vision Pro is Teams, which also utilizes Personas, offering further collaboration between others in your virtual meetings. All of these Microsoft applications have access to Copilot, (Microsoft’s AI productivity assistant) which will enable you to get the most out of your day as you attend meetings, draft documents, and create spreadsheets.

Wandering Off The Beaten Path

Now that you are familiar Apple Vision Pro works to make you more productive while on the clock; I would be remised not to mention how Apple’s new headset is an entertainment powerhouse. The creme of the crop currently comes from Apple TV, where you can watch movies and tv as if you are in your own personal theater. Furthermore, Vision Pro creates a fun environment for augmented reality, showcasing immersive games like Fruit Ninja with fruit flurry chaos in your living room or Encounter Dinosaurs bringing a T-Rex to your back yard. At the end of your day unwind with some meditation from Mindfulness by Apple for deep relaxation.

At Last…

In the convergence of the Apple ecosystem and spatial computing, Vision Pro emerges as a transformative force. From redefining how we engage with productivity tools to offering unparalleled entertainment experiences, this device stands at the forefront of innovation. As we navigate the spatial landscape, Vision Pro becomes not just a gadget but a companion enhancing both work and leisure. The endless possibilities it unfolds mark a significant leap toward a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily lives. With Apple Vision Pro, the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur, inviting us to embrace a new era of immersive computing.