7 Best Prize And Award Ideas For Your Next Team Building Event

Do you want to up the ante for your next team-building survival race? Giving out prizes and awards is a great way to do this! While your team members aren’t necessarily playing for the prizes, since they want to win, it’s still a fun way to reward team members for a job well done. If you’re unsure what type of prizes would interest your team, we’ll cover the top 7 prize and award ideas for your next virtual team-building event!

Starbucks Gift Card

What workday doesn’t start with a cup of coffee? One of the best prizes and awards for your next virtual team-building event is a Starbucks gift card. This is an easy way to reward a team member with their favorite caffeine fix, regardless of whether they’re working from the office or their living room couch!

Netflix Subscription

Do you have a Netflix lover on your team? Whether they’re binge-watching the latest show or catching up with some old classics, give them what they want and reward them for a job well done. A pre-paid monthly Netflix subscription is a simple way to make this happen!

Exercise Equipment

Exercising is always the rave. Whether you choose to reward them with a free online virtual class or exercise equipment like handheld weights, yoga mats, fitness trackers, or even steel water bottles, this is a great award idea regardless of who wins!


Whether your team is working from the office or home, an ideal virtual escape room prize and award idea would be a houseplant. Not only do plants add some life to an otherwise sterile environment, but they’re also easy for anyone on your team to take home with them!

One Week Of Delivered Meals

Many food subscription companies offer one free week of meals to new customers. While your team members might not be familiar with this type of service, it’s a great award option for virtual teams! Not only will the lucky winner get seven days’ worth of food delivered to their doorstep, but they’ll also learn about a cool company that offers an easy way to eat healthy without having to grocery shop or cook!

Tech Accessories

Does your team have an affinity for headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or other tech accessories? If so, give them what they want by rewarding the winner with a technology accessory to make their life a little more convenient. Just make sure you let them know beforehand if there’s anything specific they’ll need to use it, like extra batteries!

Half-Day Of Work

While this may seem like an unorthodox prize or award idea, it can be a lot of fun for your team. If you’ve got the option to adjust schedules, plan a half-day for the winners, so they get to choose to enjoy themselves the way they want.

Team Building Starts With The Right Virtual Team Activity

Just because your team is still working from home doesn’t mean you can’t find a fantastic virtual team-building activity. Instead of boring, overdone team-building games, why not allow your team to participate in a virtual escape room? At Reason, we can accommodate remote groups anywhere from 12 to 200 players at one time! If you’d rather have an in-person activity, we have multiple escape rooms in San Francisco to choose from as well. With so many options to choose from, we guarantee your next team-building event will be a success!