How Virtual Team Building Benefits the Future of Work

A lot has shifted over the last couple of years. We had to quickly adapt from having weekly meetings in a cramped conference room to hosting zoom meetings from the comfort of your home. While some offices have started to safely bring their employees back into the office, many businesses have shifted to a more permanent remote experience. 

How do you connect a team of remote workers? That’s a great question. You can host any number of meetings and never truly be able to connect with your team. Hosting virtual teambuilding events can provide a wealth of benefits and help your team connect. More connection leads to happy, healthier employees. Happier, healthier employees lead to better productivity, and you guessed it, increased productivity leads to business growth. 

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Here are the 7 most important reasons to incorporate virtual team building into your monthly meeting rotation. 

Virtual Collaboration is here to stay

Team building fosters stronger relationships within teams that make it just plain easier to work closely and effectively communicate better with your teammates. Teambuilders teach teammates how to work cohesively together to solve challenges whether in-person or apart.

Boosts Morale

Incorporating a teambuilding activity is a unique way to improve the atmosphere in the workplace, even when it is remote. Choosing teambuilding activities promotes camaraderie, trust, and bonding. Choosing a fun activity also lets the team let loose and helps relieve some stress. 

Remote work productivity

 Virtual team builders encourage employees to learn to work together using creative methods. Having aligned goals fosters better working relationships and helps solidify that the team works well together.

Reinforces a Positive Work Culture

Team building can help to reinforce positive behavior when working remotely. The strength in the relationships and the overall feeling that team building is more of a reward helps people work throughout the day and encourage others to do so joyfully.

Break Up the Loneliness

Let’s face it, working remotely can get a little lonely. People weren’t meant to be alone for long periods, and even with the zoom meetings, we yearn for a connection. Team building provides for a more profound interaction for remote team members than just work conversations. 

Improve Communication 

Communication through channels like Slack and Teams can be quite a challenge and leave many messages open for interpretation if not worded or punctuated correctly. Learning how to communicate with your teammates through teambuilders can transfer to more effective communication during work hours. 

Low Cost

Virtual teambuilding is a more cost-efficient way to regularly get the team together to work collaboratively through solving puzzles or bonding. Not only that, it’s a much easier way to ensure everyone can be included. 


Working remotely has its benefits and drawbacks. If your team can use a hand in connecting, virtual team building encourages bonding and growth that can help them grow and develop.