10 Best Employee Engagement Software to Amplify your Team

When working in an office setting, culture is often listed as one of the top reasons why employees choose their employers and why they stay longer. A company that promotes a strong culture retains more employees. Everyone has to go to work; why not work at a company that promotes a great culture you feel aligned with? 

Creating a workplace with a desirable culture can be tricky. A manager should engage your employees with regular team builders Try this 👉 Patagonia Virtual Escape Room; you could take it a step further with your employee engagement plan using software. 

Employee engagement software is used to help managers take a pulse on their employees through surveys, and it feels like it gives employees a voice. Managers use this software to create a culture fitting their employee’s responses to help retain them longer. A manager who cares about making the workplace enjoyable, sign me up! 

Employee engagement software doesn’t just benefit the employee. Studies have shown that taking these measures creates a sense of loyalty and satisfaction that makes employees more productive and effective in their daily work. 

When choosing an employee engagement software, try to pick one that best aligns with your team and their current values. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and put together a list of 10 of our favorite employee engagement software. 

1. Lattice  – This software combines engagement, productivity metrics, and development for an effective culture plus productivity measuring software. 

2. Motivosity – Motivosity strives to make employees happier with an employee recognition element along with engagement, performance management, and coaching platform features.

3. Glint – Glint primarily focuses on surveys to measure employee engagement in real-time. It helps companies use those analytics to develop their employees to achieve happiness and success in work. 

4. Leapsome – This employee engagement software has easy to set up surveys to help check the pulse of the culture of employees and make strategic decisions based on the data.

5. Pingboard – Pingboard is the all-access transparent software that gives everyone access to information about teammates and the company and keeps up with the current happenings. This software also has a recognition aspect that is essential for employee satisfaction.

6. Culture Amp  – This software isn’t just another survey company. It also engages employees through performance, education, development, and coaching.

7. Blink – Designed for frontline to communicate everything a team may need, updates, forms, and stories together in one portal to encourage engagement. This app easily integrates other services already in place to create a solid information flow.

8. Connecteam – This app is designed to communicate, manage, and develop employees who aren’t at a computer all day and allows them to clock in, manage tasks, automate workflows, and more.

9. Qualtrics EmployeeXM (EX)  – This platform allows managers to track metrics and view levels of engagements and risks associated with employee dissatisfaction through employee surveys.

10. ActivTrak – ActivTrak provides insights into how a team works through data collection through various platforms to allow companies to measure and promote productivity. 

People want to work with a company that fits their needs, supports them in life, and helps bring out the best in their work. Companies that focus on creating a fun culture develop a stronger, more loyal workforce.