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Lumosity Engineering @Reason

Last week, we hosted the engineering team from Lumosity. This San Francisco based startup builds a brain training app using puzzles and games. Over 85 million people worldwide use the app to challenge their core cognitive abilities; from memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving. Some may even use it to prepare for an escape room game!

Lumosity in the house!

Posted by Reason on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is unique about Lumosity as a company is that neuroscientists work side-by-side with game designers. They have brought 50+ games to life so far. They also work with 100+ external scientists worldwide to advance the understanding of human cognition. When asked about game design, Eli Delventhal, who leads the engineering team comments:

On the Lumosity games team, we’re constantly thinking of different ways to challenge each other and our users. This means that the REASON escape room was a great group outing for us! The puzzles and trials in the room felt very familiar to the games we put in front of our users: varied, challenging, and fun

– Eli Delventhal , Lumosity

Puzzles at Lumosity

Lumosity creates experimental challenges by transforming established neurological tasks into various game mechanics. Upon exploring team members’ favorite games types, we discovered that Tyler Hinman is not only a beloved member of the engineering team, but that he is also an expert crossword solver and constructor! He is the five-time winner of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT). He also holds the tournament record for youngest champion ever (Hinman won as a 20-year-old in 2005)! We asked Tyler if he had some professional tips about crosswords.

People assume that they need to know huge amounts of vocabulary and trivia to be good at crosswords. Those don’t hurt, but these days it’s much more about reading and thinking about the clues in a more readily associative, open-minded way, and that ability comes with practice. So no need to read the dictionary; just keep solving crosswords and you will improve.

– Tyler Hinman, Lumosity

Puzzles at Reason

A Reason, we design our real escape games to physically challenge the brain just as Lumosity does with their popular app. We place players in a varied, challenging, and fun environments. In addition, we encourage players to openly associate relevant information, clues, and puzzles to complete our escape games. At the same time, we also sprinkle a bit of new technologies for players to interact with as well; and maybe garner a positive dopamine response.For more information about brain training, visit Lumosity.com

Lumosity is a leading brain training program, brought to you by Lumos Labs, Inc. Lumosity’s web and mobile games are designed by scientists to challenge core cognitive abilities. Lumosity’s scientists take neuropsychological and cognitive research tasks, or design new ones, and work with game designers to transform them into 50+ cognitive games. Designed to be both fun and adaptively challenging, Lumosity’s training program is accessible to people of all ages — helping them stay challenged to the full extent of their abilities.

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