Team Building – Top 10 Reasons Why People Avoid It

When the words “team-building” come up, many people have a wide range of emotions. They range from utter dread to a feeling of darkness only rivaled by the depths of the Marianas Trench. Team building events are a common activity in any company, so it is not an issue of unfamiliarity.

In addition, if participants in a team-building activity are not engaged or excited, it is likely this sense of dread will prevail. Thus, we must break the cycle. So we set out to understand the lack of enthusiasm for team building when we designed our future tech escape rooms. Below is what we found. We are presenting it in the universally accepted and scientific medium of gifs.

1. Team building is boring

2. Meyers Briggs

3. Lame Ice Breakers

4. Everyone ends up sitting on the chair the whole time.

5. The activity has no direct application to the team or company.

6. The team is so awesome that there cannot be any possible room for improvement.

7. The team is so terrible that there cannot be any possible room for improvement.

8. Someone always ends up hogging all the fun.

9. Activities are not challenging.

10. Never heard of Reason’s future technology escape rooms.

Book Your Team Building Event at Reason Today, and you can be as awesome as Godzilla riding an ATV.

OK, maybe not as cool as Godzilla off-roading, but you can come close. Bonus points if you arrive at Reason with a Godzilla costume.

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