Top 13 Corporate Event Venues in San Francisco

San Francisco has a higher population of companies than children[citation needed] so it makes sense that there is a virtually endless supply of team building activities in the bay area meant to engage and challenge you and your coworkers. We have for you a handy dandy list of 10 of our favorites, aimed at groups of 50-150. The following are presented roughly in the order of large to small, and each provides a link and details, because we know youre too busy brainstorming topical custom slack emojis to do this research on your own. ???


The Exploratorium

SF magazine gave the exploratorium Museum Party of the Year for 2018 so you know this place is good. There are dozens of different rooms to reserve, each with an amazing array of contraptions, artworks, experiments, and other interactive exhibits. Science is cool! Especially when theres an open bar involved.

corporate event venue space @ exploratorium

Venue Details:

Capacity: Pretty much as large as you want!

What makes it unique: Science!

Location: Pier 15


The Midway

From hosting concerts to art exhibits to cooking parties, the Midway can truly cater to any type of event you may want to have. They have a great website that goes into detail about each type of experience and layout they can offer for you and your coworkers. The midway also caters to both corporate events and EDM concerts, so no matter what vibe youre going for, you can make it happen here.

corporate event venue space @ The Midway

Venue Details:

Capacity:Huge, it’s a giant industrial complex.

What makes it unique: So many experiences to choose from.

Location: 900 Marin St


The Mint

This mint, known as The Granite Lady, was fully functional until 1937, churning out about of the nations wealth. Now a historical site but super cool nonetheless. They also have room for pretty much any size gathering you may want to have, so feel free to use this venue for your holiday party +1, or even more.

corporate event venue space @ The Mint

Venue Details:

Capacity: Actually up to 1,000 people, so go crazy.

What makes it unique: I mean how many people can say theyve partied at a U.S mint?

Location: 88 5th St



Terra is basically an event planners dream. Its sleek, spacious, and able to accomodate pretty much any event you can dream up. That being said, the event dream uping is on you, this is a beautiful space that will host whatever event or entertainment you decide to provide. Its also right in the heart of SoMa, making it (probably) pretty convenient for your office.

corporate event venue space @ 111 Terra

Venue Details:

Capacity: 50-300

What makes it unique: Terra is a multi-floor venue, so you can have multiple activities or events going on at once.

Location: 511 Harrison Street


111 Minna

Would your event really be an SF happy hour without hosting it at a bespoke art gallery? 111 Minna showcases a unique blend of local and international artists, world-class DJs, live performances, and film screenings in a fun, elegant, and dynamic venue. If that isnt trendy I dont know what is.

corporate event venue space @ 111 minna

Venue Details:

Capacity: 500 people.

What makes it unique: Its an event hosting art gallery, I mean come on.

Location: I bet you can guess.(its 111 Minna Street)


Bluxome Street Winery

What if you could host your event in an actual winery? Like, they normally make wine there but transform it into an event space just for you? I mean thats pretty cool, right? Bluxome is a great combination of classy and casual, with a built in sound system, extensive wine list, and accommodations for food trucks should you choose to bring one (or more) on site.

corporate event venue space @ bluxome winery

Venue Details:

Capacity: 50-500

What makes it unique: This is an actual functional winery!

Location: 53 Bluxome St


Press Club

Press Club is a wine bar and lounge that offers Californias finest wines and beers in a sophisticated, social atmosphere. They have small plates if youre feeling hungry, too. Located right on Yerba Buena, this is also a great location for all you SoMa companies! Now go get your classy on.

corporate event venue space @ Press Club

Venue Details:

Capacity: 20 – 500 people, depending on seating and how many rooms you book.

What makes it unique: Press club is a fancy wine bar.

Location: 20 Yerba Buena Lane



WeWork is literally designed to play host to companies (perhaps even yours, dear reader). Sure they normally host in a long term way, but they also have amazing spaces and accommodations for events, workshops, panels, and etc.

corporate event venue space @ 111 WeWork

Venue Details:

Capacity:20 to 500

What makes it unique: we work is co-working space.

Location: Varied throughout SF and the Bay Area


Contemporary Jewish Museum

Guys I dont know if youve clicked the link yet, but this museum is SO SLEEK. This is more of a venue than an entertainment location in that the museum offers you their space for your own activities. You of course have access to the exhibits but be sure to take advantage of bringing in your own food, drink, and entertainment!

corporate event venue space @ Contemporary Jewish Museum

Venue Details:

Capacity: 65 – 300

What makes it unique: How many of your coworkers have really gone to the Contemporary Jewish Museum?

Location: 736 Mission Street



I mean come on, who doesnt want to crush their boss at Pac-Man?! Coin-op is unique in that it is an arcade for adults, so no grimey pizza handprints on the console. All you have to worry about is practicing your favorite games so that you dont have to use the ol oh Im just a little rusty! excuse. Also be sure to remind people that the games take quarters! Or have the bar get some for you beforehand.

corporate event venue space @ coin-op

Venue Details:

Capacity: 40 – 400.

What makes it unique: Play arcade games while you socialize!

Location: 508 4th Street



Reason is a sci-fi themed escape room with lots of fun tech in each game. There are two games and an interactive event space for hosting meetings, workshops, happy hour, or a networking reception for your team. While on site, your team will alsobe challenged to work through puzzles in order to escape the room in time, all the while experiencing VR, 3D printing, drones, and much more.

corporate team crushing a puzzle

Venue Details:

Capacity: 10-150

What makes it unique: high tech escape room

Location: 122 9th Street


The Battery

Ever wanted to venture into an exclusive members only club? What about a fancy one that has restaurants, bars, and perfectly worn leather couches? Insider tip, We call our club THE BATTERY. It is not the Battery Club or shortened to just Battery.” If we could avoid giving it nicknames like The Batcave or The Batters Box or saying things like, Bros, shall we go hit up el Batterino? that would be splendid. Careful to not give nicknames, its a sensitive topic, apparently.

corporate event venue space @ The Battery

Venue Details:

Capacity: 120 people.

What makes it unique: Battery is usually a private members only club.

Location: 717 Battery Street


Southern Pacific Brewery

Southern Pacific is quintessential San Francisco, from the locally brewed beers to the local history of the space itself. Theres an outdoor patio, a spacious mezzanine, and plenty of food and drinks to suit everyones tastes. Take your team to the heart of the mission for a classic SF brewery experience.

Southern Pacific Brewery - Corporate Venue Event Space

Venue Details:

Capacity: Up to 80 comfortably

What makes it unique: Amazing food and local beers in the heart of the Mission.

Location: 620 Treat Ave