Top 10 Remote Teambuilding Activities

As coronavirus continues to spread all over the world, most jobs are sending their employees to work from home. After days of the “shelter-in-place” order, more and more people are getting used to their new work-from-home status! But have you and your team pushed off team bonding? Now you won’t have to with these 10 badass team activities!


Experience the world’s first remote team escape experience with ReasonMoonshot is a fun-filled sci-fi game where you and your friends work together by finding multiple clues and hints. Build trust, communicate as much as possible, and help Lola, an astronaut escape, by solving puzzles! 

Tea and Coffee Tastings

Any tea or coffee out there? Now you can have tastings with your team without leaving your house! Whether you have a team of 30 or even 300, they offer a great selection of tea and coffee from different parts of the world! Not only that, they even have guided meditation that compliments the whole event! 


Gather around the virtual campfire, and hang out with your group! They will send you the ultimate camping experience — from candles, matches and of course, ingredients for s’more! Now all you have to do is send the link, and share memorable moments or haunted ghost stories! 

Virtual Concerts 

Get front row seats to many virtual concerts! No matter where you are, enjoy many performances without leaving your couch. Don’t miss out on amazing artist live streams on Facebook or Instagram. Most must-see online concerts are Indieheads Festival, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and Diplo Corona World Tour: “A Very Lazer Sunday”. 

Cooking Classes 

Tired of the same meals during the quarantine and running out of recipe ideas? Take online cooking classes with your team! Get out of your comfort zone, and spice up breakfast, lunch or dinner! Maybe even learn a healthier option for the dishes you love. 

Draw with Friends 

Bring in the classic game with Drawsome to your next team bonding event. No need for a paper or pen because everything will be online! Show off your skill, as your other teammates guess the word you are trying to draw. So sign up and get ready to have a blast with this fun game of Pictionary! 

Online Board Games

Is cabin fever hitting you hard? Now is the perfect time to have game night! Have a friendly competition with your favorite board games. Get crazy with Uno and don’t be afraid to hit your opponents with the  “+2” and “+4” cards. Collect money and gobble up the most properties with a game of monopoly! Or maybe create hilarious statements with cards against humanity

Mario Kart Tour

Start your engines with a game of Mario Kart Tour! There are 30 different drivers and even 64 courses to choose from. If that’s not exciting enough, you can customize your karts to make sure that you win the race! 

Casual Games

Jackbox Games provides a new exciting game for you and your team can enjoy virtually! Their games are for 1-8 players, but don’t worry because as many as 10,000 people can watch along! Take turns to answer trivia questions, show off your doodle skills and create silly jokes! For sure there will never be a dull moment with any of their party packs! 

Online Team Sports

From NBA to Tokyo Olympics, many games and other sporting events have been canceled. Many fans have been looking for new ways to play their favorite games online! Challenge your friends on a heart-pounding game of soccer with FIFA or even immerse yourself in a basketball game with NBA 2k20


Don’t let social distancing stop you from bonding and collaborating with your team! Create stronger connections and check out these ten amazing virtual activities for your group to enjoy from anywhere in the world.