10 Fun and Educational Things to Do with Children at Home

With school closures nationwide due to the coronavirus outbreak, children are forced to stay home. And even though schools had school asset management software at their disposal, it didn’t solve the challenge for children. With lots of time in their hands, are you looking for educational things to keep your kids engaged every day? Here fun ways your kids could learn new things at home. 

Try Science Experiments at Home

They say kids are naturally curious and born into this world as scientists. Continue nourishing their curiosity by doing experiments at home! There are many science experiments you could do using everyday things found at your house. They are only safe, but will sure keep your kid’s interest. Be sure to look at  Bill Nye: The Science Guy’s guide to home experiments — from life, physical and even planetary science!  

Enrich Their Minds With Music

It’s scientifically proven that learning an instrument can improve math skills, coordination,  and memory! So why not be musical with your kids? Create instruments at home —  from harmonicas, drums, and tambourines, there are many Do-It-Yourself guides online you could follow! Not only that, but you could also help your kids learn how to play an instrument by showing them YouTube tutorials! 

Break Out the Board Games or Make Your Own

What better way to have family time than having a game night! Not only is it fun, but there are also many lessons children can learn when playing board games. They learn how to take turns, critically think, and be a good sport! To make it even more fun, try creating your own board games,  from theme to make your own game piece, and play it with the whole family. 

Practice Writing (ABC’s) 

Writing is important in our daily lives, and teaching children this new skill could be frustrating. But there are many creative ways to make it more interesting. Use the connect-the-dot method, and let them trace it. Don’t be afraid to get messy, and use play-doh to make letter shapes.  

Plant a Garden

Teach your kids the lessons of life, nutrition and even patience with gardening! It is a perfect way for them to spend more time in nature, instead of glued on their screens. So, let them get dirty in your own backyard maybe even with some DIY teepee play tents. Surely they will be excited to take care of the seed they’ve planted, and see it sprout into beautiful flowers! 

Bake or Cook Together 

Children love to be the little helper, especially in the kitchen! Create memories with the young ones, by baking or cooking together. Not only do you get a yummy treat after, but they also learn about basic math and communication skills. It boosts their confidence, creativity, and promotes healthy eating habits! 

Virtual Field Trip 

You thought you have to cancel a field trip? Now you don’t have to! There are many virtual live streams you and the little ones could tune in and learn from. Explore San Diego’s Zoo’s butterfly cam or dive in the ocean with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Print Out Exercises and Art Materials 

There are lots of available resources and printable materials online. Your children can continue learning math, science, and languages, by lessening their screen time, and making worksheets they would be interested in! Also, boost their creativity with fun activities and coloring pages

Check out E-Books

Dr. Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  Expand their world and imagination. Explore another planet, maybe even follow a journey of a superhero by checking out an ebook!

Virtual Adventure

I always wanted to try something new and exciting? Well, we have your next perfect adventure! Teach your kids about communication, teamwork, and problem solving with Moonshot, the world’s first remote team escape room experience. Help an astronaut escape by finding hints and solving problems with the whole family! 


With school closures, park restrictions and many other outside limitations, there are lesser ways for parents to entertain their children. Now more than ever, we must stay home. But that doesn’t mean your kids should be bored or spending time with their gadgets. Try out these ways you can engage your children, and learn new skills!