Rethinking Employee Perks in a Virtual World

New world = new perks. With much of the workforce switching from in-office to remote work, employee perks are also transforming in this new offline to online world. Here are some of the ways companies are rethinking the perks they are offering.


Providing equipment such as laptops, pads, and even cars has been around, but in this new world of remote work, a whole new set of equipment is necessary. Video conference cameras, Airpods, and other headsets, double monitors, and beefed-up internet connections are just a few examples of the things that are necessary to work effectively while working remotely, and many companies are providing such equipment for their employees. 

Free Food 

I think we can all agree that free lunch has been the perk of all perks. But now that many employees aren’t going into the office, how can they collect on this offer of free food!? Well, luckily companies have found a wonderful online alternative – buying employees healthy meals with homemade meal delivery service. Meal programs like this make sure employees are not only fed but healthy so they can continue their best work in a sustainable way. Guaranteeing efficient delivery ensures that employees receive their meals promptly, contributing to a seamless and convenient dining experience that increases employee trust. Free lunches FTW!

Team Activities 

Team bonding is not a new concept, but has definitely needed to be reimagined now that many employees are not physically in the same location. Before, colleagues may have met up for a social event or maybe accompanied one another to get some coffee, but now all possible bonding has switched to online activities. Companies have gotten creative and started booking remote team activities such as Reason’s virtual escape rooms, virtual flower arrangement classes, trivia nights, and maybe even a virtual tour through a winery and wine tasting. 


Everyone knows that free gym memberships get the people goin’! But what does that look like in a world gone virtual… Free peletons for all!?!? Well maybe not free Peletons, but there are plenty of online program memberships such as Alo Moves and Whoop, plus the necessary equipment that goes along with them from heart rate monitors to exercise equipment. 

Self Improvement

While companies may have already been offering tuition reimbursement or education stipends, self-improvement perks have vastly expanded in recent years thanks to all the online options. From masters degrees to skills certificates to online boot camps, there are online programs for almost anything you’d hope to participate in, and many companies are financially supporting their employees to do so. Hello, Harvard!