How to work remotely in style

Considering many of us will be working from home or remotely for quite some time, getting ourselves set up in the most comfortable way possible is definitely ideal. Below are some straightforward tips on how to make your office space more comfortable. 

Get Yourself an Ergonomic Chair 

One of the best things you can do for yourself (and more specifically your back) is investing in a good at-home office chair. Herman Miller office chairs are always a fantastic option, but there are also some great, more affordable options sold on Amazon. There are plenty of incredible ergonomic chairs out there that will truly make a huge improvement to your remote office setup. These chairs are designed to keep you comfortable, support your back, adjust to your height, and keep you feeling alert. There’s nothing that will kill your concentration faster than a sore back or losing feeling in your butt…get that chair!

Correct Monitor Position

According to Work Design Magazine, your computer monitor should be between 20 to 50 degrees below eye level. This is the optimum height for comfort and to avoid any neck strain. Adjustable desks such as the Work From Home Desk and adjustable monitor stands are great options.

Keyboard and Mouse Position Matters Too!

Similarly to monitor position, keyboard and mouse positions are equally important. No one wants to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, so let’s do what we can to avoid that from happening, shall we? The ideal position for your keyboard is elbow height. 

Make your workstation feel as spacious as possible

The ability to move freely at your work space can have a huge impact on your comfort. Restricted space can cause the muscles to constrict unnecessarily and cause discomfort. Also, with more space to move, there is a greater willingness to get up and walk around every once in a while. The Mid-Century Mini Desk from West Elm is a great exampl of a small space desk. Desks like these desks are functional as well as make the space you do have as efficient as possible. 

Face a Window

Working from home means you will be spending a significant amount of time at our desks, so don’t set yourself up to feel locked in. Have your desk face a window (or at least toward the open area of space) allowing for more light and helping to avoid fatigue. Spaces that allow us to look out over expansive areas from a sheltered location are inherently pleasing and stress-reducing according to Psychology Today

Up Your Internet

Boost your internet speeds in order to boost your productivity. Having a solid internet plan will help reduce your stress over bad internet connections occurring at the worst time possible–such as during a performance review. It will also reduce your stress levels when waiting for your latest work assignment to load and increase your ability to collaborate. Lastly, it will help enhance your mood while working by allowing you to stream media uninterrupted.


So those are some simple ways that you can make that home office setup more comfortable. I hope that at least one of these options helps you save your back or your sanity! Good luck out there.