How to work remotely in style

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Considering many of us will be working from home or remotely for quite some time, getting ourselves set up in the most comfortable way possible is definitely ideal. Below are some straightforward tips on how to make your office space more comfortable. Get Yourself an Ergonomic Chair  One of the best things you can do … Read more

Great San Francisco Outdoor Dining Options

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Introduction Already feeling the cabin fever? Trust me you are not the only one, but we got the perfect solution for it. Here is a list of great restaurants offering outdoor dining so you can still take that special someone to a romantic dinner while enjoying the view.   Blue Plate Considered a neighborhood gem in … Read more

6 Ways to Motivate your Remote Teams

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One of the big struggles remote teams face is maintaining an all-in-this-together mentality. As mentioned by SIOP, one of the most difficult new challenges that remote teams face is keeping employees engaged. When employees spend most of their dedicated working hours alone, its hard to remember that their individual efforts are contributing to a bigger … Read more

Modern Essential Survival Check List

Introduction  Wondering what to do in case of an emergency, or dont really know where to start? Well dont panic just yet because here is a list to help you in general surviving preparement and some of the most essential things you will need in order to complete your kit for any type of disaster.  … Read more

Minimizing Blue Light in a Virtual World

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Youve probably heard of blue light its the HEV light that comes from the screens we stare at every day. But, have you taken a moment to really think about blue light? It plays a huge role in almost everyones daily life, especially these days! Here at Reason, spending my days in the world … Read more

Top 5 board games you need to try

Board games are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones. There are lots you could choose from  classic to abstract games. But, are you thinking of getting one, and dont know which one? Well, these the Top 5 board games specially handpicked by the Reason team that you should … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely

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Recent events have accelerated the remote working trend and some of us might actually be pretty good it. For the rest of us, there are many easy structural tweaks that can improve your work-life balance. Heres the ultimate guide to working remotely:  Organize Your Time  One of the advantages of working remotely is not having … Read more

Budget-Friendly Remote Team Building Activities

But working remotely and being physically apart does not mean that team building needs to stop. Here are ten ways you and your team can virtually hang-out and have fun for free!  Share Photos/Photo challenge  What better way to get closer to your team, than by sharing photos to everyone! Make it more exciting by creating … Read more

10 Fun and Educational Things to Do with Children at Home

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With school closures nationwide due to the coronavirus outbreak, children are forced to stay home. With lots of time in their hands, are you looking for educational things to keep your kids engaged every day? Here fun ways your kids could learn new things at home.  Try Science Experiments at Home They say kids are … Read more

Top 10 Remote Teambuilding Activities

As coronavirus continues to spread all over the world, most jobs are sending their employees to work from home. After days of the shelter-in-place order, more and more people are getting used to their new work-from-home status! But have you and your team pushed off team bonding? Now you wont have to with these 10 … Read more