Budget-Friendly Remote Team Building Activities

But working remotely and being physically apart does not mean that team building needs to stop. Here are ten ways you and your team can virtually hang-out and have fun for free! 

Share Photos/Photo challenge 

What better way to get closer to your team, than by sharing photos to everyone! Make it more exciting by creating photo challenges on the daily — send photos of your new “work stations” at home, cute, or even funny work “outfit of the day”! 

Fitness Challenges 

Gym closures and shelter-in-place order make it harder for many to workout! But, of course there are ways to get up and get moving with your team. Check out YouTube tutorials that you can follow along — from yoga to zumba! Now more than ever, it is important to create a workout routine, so come together with your group and sweat it out with some amazing workout videos online! 

Icebreaker Questions 

It could be a struggle for teams to work together effectively and share ideas, especially with distance. Why not try virtual icebreakers to help your team get to know each other and break down awkward communication barriers? You can  “10 things about you” list or even share your “favorites” to everyone. 

Lunch & Learn

One thing you probably miss is going out and getting lunch with your team. You can still do that, virtually! Set up a lunch date and ask an expert to talk about topics everyone would enjoy learning, from wellness to workshops! Don’t forget to make time for question and answer, or even a time where the team can discuss the topic even further. 

Virtual Happy Hour 

Have your meetings been long, boring and mundane? Why not change it up a bit? The party never stops with a virtual happy hour! Chat with your friends while sipping on your favorite drink. Continue the fun with some themed conversations, ice breakers and fun games! 

Virtual Book Club 

Start a book club online! This does not have to be exclusively for the bookworks in your team, invite those who have always wanted to open one up as well. Not only are you building connections with your friends, you’re also expanding your reading list and have the opportunity to have a great conversation about different topics! 

A Random Slack Channel

Surely you have a group chat with your team, but is always about business and other work-related topics? That could be tedious! Create a different slack channel where you and your teammates can share music, podcasts and other random things! Found a funny meme or GIF online? Well now you have a way to share that to your friends. 

Donut Calls

Download Donut on slack! It is an extension that pairs you up with someone from the company for a 1-on-1 call. Once a week, you can get to know somebody from the team, and talk about anything other than work! 

Team Scavenger Hunt

This next one is a fun way to learn about everyone on the team. Bring back the team spirit with a virtual scavenger hunt! Find the person with a coin collection or the most pets and other random facts, and check off everything on the list.  Let’s Roam Team Building San Francisco offers virtual team-building scavenger hunts that include an event planner, mobile app, embedded video chat, and an event host to help you put on your next scavenger hunt.

Remote Team Games

Team bonding is always fun and exciting with games! Build each other’s strengths and weaknesses by setting up game hours. Act out words and phrases and let others guess during the game of charades or check out Lola in Spaceº for an out of this world remote team escape!


We love finding creative ways to connect with each other and now you can too! Learn more about each other and challenge others with these amazing and budget-friendly games!