Boozy Treats to Jazz up Your Next Holiday Event

With most of us eagerly awaiting this holiday season, one can only wonder what we can do this year that will add a little something new and special into the mix. This list of fun and boozy holiday treats is what you’ve been looking for.  

Boozy Tree Ornaments

Want to know what would make Christmas Tree decorations even more fun? Boozy tree ornaments! These festive little ornaments are not only the perfect addition to any tree but the ultimate boozy twist to get any holiday party started. Whether you want DIY ornaments or some 

Boozy Advent Calendar 

If you had an excuse to take the edge off once a day leading up to Christmas, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s certainly my plan this year thanks to boozy advent calendars! Every day opens another door to boozy surprise with these advent calendars. There is quite a variety to choose from, whether it’s wine, sparkling wine, whiskey, beer, or even seltzer, there is an advent calendar for all. 

Fun Holiday Wine Tags

While this one might not actually be something you can drink, it certainly makes drinking more fun! These holiday wine tags bring a little personality to every bottle. With tags like “This Should Put the Jingle Back in Your Bells” Your guests are sure to know what the mood of the night is going to look like. Get people hyped as you pour them a glass of holiday cheer. 

Chocolate Liqueur 

Mozart has you covered when it comes to creating boozy and delicious holiday beverages. Think hot cacao but much better, and much more fun. Mozart is a delicious chocolate liqueur that is an amazing addition to any cozy cocktail lineup. 

Lakes Distillery 

The Lakes Distillery also has these fun and classy booze-filled crackers to snaz up the table for your holiday guests. Each paper container holds one of four 5ml miniature flutes that make for a special tasting experience. Between The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin, The Lakes Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur, and The One Signature Blended Whisky, there is a treat for everyone. 


All in all, everyone loves holiday treats, and adding booze to the mix certainly doesn’t hurt. Helping everyone come together and have wonderful bonding moments is all in the holiday spirit. Hopefully, these lovely little boozy treats help you and all of your loved ones have a very special holiday season. Cheers!