Boozy Treats To Spice Up Your Next Team Building Event

Those of us who indulge in an adult beverage from time to time know that the classics get the job done, but mixing it up with some unconventional boozy alternatives brings a little extra fun to any special occasion. Well in case that sounds like something you might be interested in, here are some scrumptious boozy treats that everyone is bound to enjoy. 

Boozy Bites

Jello shots – heard of them? Ok, well whatever you thought of jello shots before – college tailgates, cheap vodka, sticky fingers – has taken a turn for the classier…Introducing Boozy Bites. These fun little treats are the distant, classy cousin of jello shots. Between the beautiful product packaging, ease of consumption, and the yummy taste, you get all of the fun of jello shot and none of the mess. They are customizable and the perfect addition to any event.

Tipsy Scoop

We are gonna bring out your inner child with this one. Wait for it… Boozy Ice Cream! Yep, Tipsy Scoop has a variety of flavors ranging from Vanilla bourbon to Chocolate Whiskey, all of which would be an especially welcomed addition to any adult gathering. And what may be even better than spiked ice cream is the incredible cocktails you can create using boozy ice cream as a base.

On The Rocks

Craving your favorite cocktail at home, but struggling in the mixology department? Well here is your answer – On The Rocks Cocktails. These are ready-to-pour cocktails that you can buy in either single serving or multiple-serving bottles. 


And now for dessert…Whiskey Truffles! All the chocolatey goodness of truffle with a kick. These are delicious little no-bake snacks that are easy and fun to eat and every one of your guests will be impressed. Mozart is a wonderful chocolate liqueur that you can use as a base, or check out the tutorial above to find out how to make your own whiskey truffles. 


Whatever the occasion, boozy treats will always make an impression and bring a little extra fun to any event. Whether it be some of the treats above or some of your own invention, there is nothing like mixing it up to create a memorable moment.