Fantastic Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

We are big fans of the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. However, the flavors and ingredients of the holidays don’t have to live just in desserts and meals all the time. Sometimes we find ourselves aching for something new and fresh in the kitchen. Enter the beverage department: a fun place to spice things up and create delicious holiday drinks the whole family can enjoy!

Caramel Apple Float 

Instead of your regular root beer float, change things up at home with this yummy recipe. This Caramel Apple Cider Float is the perfect recipe treat for all. Easy to make, delicious, and the perfect blend of flavors combined together, you’ll be sure to love it. Heck, anyone and everyone will want to get their hands on these, they are that scrumptious. 


Pumpkin Milkshake

This Pumpkin Milkshake is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday. It’s like pumpkin pie in a glass – but way better and easier! You may even want to skip out on that pumpkin pie after dinner this year and just serve everyone these delicious milkshakes. Pumpkin is everything during the fall, so make sure to grab your friends and family for this rewarding treat.


Apple Cider Slush

There is nothing better than a tall glass of apple cider… except perhaps a delicious tall glass of slushie made from apple cider and fresh apples! It’s the best way to bring those Fall flavors into your drinks and the perfect recipe to serve at a get together. Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon also have various health benefits, so you don’t even have to feel guilty for enjoying this refreshing Apple Cider Slush! 


Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate 

Everyone knows that cool weather and the holiday season is all about hot cocoa and peppermint, but what about Fall? I have a solution… Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate! Nothing compares to the flavor of pumpkin and white chocolate mixed together. This simple recipe will get you in the Fall mood, no matter what the weather outside is. 


London Fog Tea

If you’re a tea lover and enjoy the taste of Earl Grey tea, I guarantee you that you will be obsessed with this London Fog drink. It’s like a sweet vanilla latte, but with hints of floral black tea as well. You can get creative with this recipe and use any type of blend of black tea that goes best with your liking, and also choose between decaffeinated or caffeinated drinks so that you can enjoy this cozy drink at any time of the day! 


Snickerdoodle Latte

Making your own coffeehouse style latte has never been easier or more delicious! 

This warm and comforting latte drink combines the rich flavor of coffee with the sweet cinnamon sugar flavor to make the perfect cozy drink. It’s very easy to make at home and no fancy equipment is needed. 


Jingle Juice

Every Thanksgiving or Christmas table needs an amazing punch recipe. This stunning Holiday Punch is perfect for all of your holiday parties this year. The recipe is very simple and easy, which means you can throw it together right before your party, and it will be ready before your guests ring the doorbell. Your party will be delicious in no time, you just wait and see!