Best Live Cooking & Experiential Catering Companies in San Francisco

Experience is everything! Food preparation shouldn’t just be hidden in the kitchen, so for your next event, we want to show you a different kind of dining experience. In this blog, we will share with you some of the best experiential catering options from our interactive team building programs & off-sites.

Cheese Parings and Wheel Cakes

The Cheese School of San Francisco believes that “eating is learning”. They are inspired with traditional cheesemaking, and California’s wide range of cultures when it comes to food. Have the cheesiest time at your next with The Cheese School!  Their cheese experts and sommelier will make sure that you will have a “grate” time, with their artisan cheese and charcuterie platter best paired with wine! 

Classis Spanish Tapas, Paella, and Sangria

Born and raised in Spain, founders and chefs of Tip Top Tapas, Candido Blanco, and Raúl Aguilera, bring Spanish flavors to your event. They only cook with the freshest ingredients and get all their produce and meat locally.  Cooked in front of the guests, you can enjoy delicious paella-made rice beans and meat. Their small bites, Tapas, are perfect for sharing, all while sipping of their mouth-watering sangria. 

Create-your-own pancake and omelet bar

When it comes to breakfast catering, Caterman Catering is a one-stop shop. With their team of talented chefs with over thirty years of experience,  it’s their mission to design unique meals for different events. Who doesn’t like a good omelet? For your next event, don’t miss out on Caterman Catering’s omelet bar! Create your own, and add all your favorite ingredients from bacon and ham to mushrooms and peppers, and many more! And that’s not all, they also have a waffle and pancake bar.

Pasta Cooking Station With Chef James 

Cook with James, started as an underground supper club. Fifteen years later, it is a full-service company. What started as a fun way to cook for his friends and family, is now a great culinary experience James shares to all his clients through Italian and Spanish dishes.  Tagliatelle con “fegato”, French Bouillabaisse, Chicken Legs Braised with Leeks & Prunes and Polpettini alla Napoletani. That’s only a few things on his menu! He only offers the best quality dishes made with organic and locally grown ingredients. And if you think we are done, well there’s more. He ends the meal with his delectable desserts like saffron panna cotta!

Farm-to-table cooking

Herbalist and holistic chef,  Rachel Wright, truly cooks with love. After earning her degree in Nutrition and Culinary Arts at Bastyr University, she became the sous chef of The Cupboard, which focuses on clients’ wellbeing and happiness one meal at a time! With every plate, you and your guests can expect simplicity at its best — all without sacrificing great taste! From ingredients raised from organic farms to cooking with love, The Cupboard sure does revive your palettes! 

Brazilian BBQ and Caprinhias

Chef Rafael Olintho has been serving delicious meals for large and small events since 2010. Born in São Paulo, he brings in traditional Brazilian flavors your event is missing! From small bites to five-course meals, Chef Olintho can do it all!  With his famous traditional barbeques, guests are sure to have a wonderful time, especially while sipping on his own take of a traditional Brazilian cocktail, caipirinha

Argentina BBQ and Gauchos

Three Gauchos,  Francisco Galvez, Ignacio Viau, and Facundo Ponce, started Pampa Barbeque in 2014. From appetizers to desserts, and everything in between, they offer a great variety of dishes with “Sabor de Argentina”!  Pampa Barbeque creates a specialized menu according to your event! You can choose from their long list of food selections with an Argentinian flavor like their handmade empanadas, both for meat lovers and vegetarians, or their gourmet barbeque drizzled with chimichurri sauce, and much more!

Cecina, Adobados, & Margaritas

Cookbook author and chef, Andrea Lawson Gray, has been preparing meals for more than 15 years. She cooks in different flavors like  Mexican, Peruvian and many more. Prepared right before your eyes, Chef Andrea makes fresh Molcajete Caesar Dressing, marrying traditional Mexican cooking style with fresh Californian produce! Of course, you can’t miss out with her Margaritas Tres Señoritas!

Live Sushi Bar

With over 7,000 guests served, Breakthrough Sushi takes pride in being “the first and only sustainable team building sushi classes company” in the nation! But they don’t just have classes, they can also turn your next event into a live sushi bar! Choose from their premium seafood selections, like Kampachi, Dungeness Crab or Scallops; All their sashimis, rolls and nigiri are made tableside by their hand-selected Itamae, or sushi masters.

French Marcon and Wine Pairing

They are chewy and airy with a crunch!  No wonder macaroons are becoming more popular worldwide! Biondivino can set up flights of their sweet and savory macarons paired with delicious wine at your next event. Each dessert is meticulously paired with its organic wines, handmade by local growers and vignerons. 

Make-your-own Raman Bar

“Get adventurous and throw away the rules” at your next event with Noodle Me! Make your own Ramen Bowls — experiment with different flavors and noodle-broth combinations. Be daring, and try different options of broths, proteins, and veggies! Add that extra kick with a dash of furikake, sriracha, and other garnishes.

Do-it-yourself Pho Bar

In 2011, Valerie Luu and Katie Kwan created Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese pop-up and catering service.  Inspired by Vietnamese street food, they wanted to bring the same authentic feel from Vietnam, all the way to the Bay Area. From broth to the toppings, you and your guests can customize your bowls with their do-it-yourself pho bar!