Best Interactive Dessert Catering Options in San Francisco


Deserts are awesome and we think no party is ever complete without them, That’s why we’ve created a list of our favorite delicious and experiential sweets. The cost estimates provided here are based on event sized between 20-40 guests. These caterers come to your event and prepare the goodies in front of your guests. Yep, dessert and a show to take your event game to a whole different level!

Fresh Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream is delicious and amazing to watch. It’s prepared by using cooling ice pans while pouring the mixture and creating delicious rolls. They offer unlimited toppings and a variety of flavors, everything can be customized in your serving.  Icicles in SF can bring a station to your event with price starting at $950 that comes with of 50 servings 

Crepe Station

Crepes are a thin pancake dessert that can have different sweet fillings along with a variety of toppings you get to choose from. Madame crepe offers a unique authentic french experience with music that sets the mood while crepes are made right in front of you. Pricing is around $1,095 including all service fees and gratuities. 

Donut Frying Station

Mini doughnuts made and fried in a live fryer. Hookt Doughnuts has unique flavors and made fresh on-site. You get to enjoy them while they are still warm, and if you want the perfect combo, you can also add a coffee or hot chocolate bar from Hookt to accompany them. Price is about $1045 with live frying donut station. 

Dessert Bar 

Sixth Course is a dessert boutique with unique desserts, like gelato truffles and pastries. They are an award-winning company you definitely want to check out. This is your chance to bring a dessert buffet to your events with distinctive handmade truffles, tartlets and gelato bars. Cost is for a variety of desserts and a minimum of 2 dozens per dessert of your choice, starting at $150. 

Cotton Candy Machine 

How about cotton candy with a different twist? Offering a wide variety of flavors made fresh with all-natural and organic ingredients, Sugar and spun has unique flavors like strawberry shortcake with irresistible smell and flavor. it’s all made live in front of you so you get to enjoy and watch the fun process of how cotton candy is made in the spinning machine.  Cost is $460 minimum for live spinning, and additional flavors are $50 each 

Shaved Ice Station  

Powder is the perfect union between shaved ice and ice cream. The texture is light and fluffy and they have a unique variety of flavors including seasonal and classics. Serve your guests with this one of a kind Taiwanese dessert, all made with organic and natural ingredients. Not to mention, they offer a variety of flavors and each serving comes with unique toppings of your choice + piece of waffle cone to dip and eat. Cost is per serving and a minimum of 80 

Cannoli Factory

Holy Cannoli brings this traditional Italian dessert to a whole different level. Starting with an authentic handmade shell and filled with a blend of rich mascarpone and ricotta cheese along with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Give your guests the opportunity to feel like they are in Italia and experience building their own cannoli using only the best ingredients for it, like pistachio, cherries and chocolate chips. Cost is around $50 per dozen including cream, shells and extra ingredients. 

Ice Cream Taco Bar  

An all-time favorite your guests are going to love, Ice cream tacos with a hand made taco cone. All-natural Ice cream flavors dipped in chocolate with your choice of toppings. Rocko’s Ice Cream Taco can bring this experience to your event with an Ice cream taco cart, where you can see this delicious dessert made from scratch and ready to be devoured. Cost is about $400 minimum for cart with 50 servings for an hour.

Waffle Station

Whether for breakfast or dessert, waffles are always a good idea. Warm and made from scratch, Little Gem Belgian brings this popular waffle with a crispy exterior and a sweet, fluffy moist interior with pearl sugar that gives it that nice caramelized touch. Waffles are made with your choice of toppings and following artisan baking practices and the waffle bar is fully customizable offering all fresh ingredients and made right at the moment. The cost is about $350 for 2 hours of on-site catering. 

Acai Bowl Station

Acai bowls are almost Ice cream but better for you. They have almost the same consistency but they are made with real fruits all blended in one bowl that you can add toppings too. Amaze Bowls brings a fun way to eat fruits where guests at your event can enjoy a DIY açaí bar, with homemade ingredients like granola and seasonal fruits. For sure a very healthy and delicious option. The cost is $300 minimum for the acai bowl bar. 

Chocolate Fountain 

Chocolate fountains have always been popular around events. Testa Fiore brings a delightful experience for those who consider themselves chocolate lovers, imagine dipping some fresh fruit or some sweet treats that you can easily enjoy at the moment. Consider a variety of fruits and treats, all fresh and on-site while enjoying watching how your choice of chocolate drips over a fountain. The cost for fountain rental is about $325 for 2 hours. 


There you have it! A full list of fun desserts you can enjoy at the moment and at your next event. No more skipping dessert or being a boring host by just serving cookies on a plate. Looking for immersive teambuilding activity to go with your experiential dessert experience? Check out our high tech team building packages and take your event game to the next level!

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