Creator – A Restaurant Scaling Freshness And Creativity With Robots

Creator serves the world’s first burger made by robots, and it’s only $6! They first opened their doors in San Francisco, and their mission is to cut costs, all while serving high-quality food!

In 2012, Alex Vardakostas created the early prototypes for the robot. Coming from a family who owned a burger business in Orange County, he was inspired to create a machine that helped out fry cooks, as well as reduce their health risks. Now, this robot is helping to serve customers! 

But how does it work? First, it starts with an air-compressed tube where you can find their brioche buns, which are toasted then sliced with a vibrating knife. Directed by rose gold flippers, they are sent to fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.  The patty is placed and complemented with their homemade sauces. And the burger is served!  

Although the robot is a vital part of the restaurant, humans still are a huge part of your dining experience. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a human! They are the ones taking your orders, processing your payments, even delivers the food to your table. Not only that, they are the one who makes sure the robot is running smoothly — fixes jams, restocks ingredients, and cleans it, as well. 

Keeping it Fresh

Creator aims to only use the freshest local produce. The buttered brioche buns come from a local bakery and are delivered early morning. The lettuce comes from Plenty’s indoor vertical farm that uses 90% less water and space compared to a traditional garden. Their organic, free-range meat is ground, marinated, and molded in an enclosed part of the machine, topped with their grated-and-melted-to-order cheese. 

Sparking Creativity

Creator Burger has collaborated with Bay Area chefs to create burgers for different palates.  San Francisco Chronicle’s Rising Star Chef, Chef Tu created a tangy burger, drizzled with smoked oyster aioli on a bed of mushroom, pickles, and onions called the Tsunami.  Chef Arun Gupta of a famous Indian restaurant, DOSA, made Masala — a sweet and sour burger, with a spicy kick! Enjoy Chef Anthony Myint’s Mission Street Food burger for those who love rich flavors of scallion, served with crunchy fried shallots.

Creators of Creator believe that each and every one of us is natural creators, and soon, patrons can create their very own burgers. From creating your classics to modern ones,  burger making will be easy through their app! 

Our Experience

Eating a burger prepared by a robot is now a reality, and our experience is one for the books! When first given the idea, we thought that service will resemble an automat, with little to no human interaction, but what we saw was the exact opposite! 

During our tour, we watched the robot make the burgers in action. From analyzing the orders to preparing the organic produce, we were up close and personal, not only with the machine but also with the team.  We also witnessed a rush of customers that triggered the robot to have multiple bun traffic jams, which their team members fixed quickly. 

Also, we had the privilege to try all their burgers by famous chefs in the Bay Area! Our team is excited to see Creator’s future collaborations, and maybe even create our own signature Reason Sci-fi burger with their upcoming app! 

Augmented AI Experience 

Augmented Intelligence is a new way of conceptualizing Artificial Intelligence (AAI). It does not replace the work of humans, but rather improves the overall process by decreasing the number of errors. They create balance in the workplace and eliminate biases that most humans have. 


At Reason, our mission is to humanize our relationship with technology and relationship with each together. Robots can make our lives easier. And if they are able to enhance the way we interact with each other then it is really elevating our lives. Creator is doing a great job of this in the food industry and we think it can serve as a good example for other industries looking to the robot as a source of innovation as well.

So next time you are celebrating your robot apocalypse escape at Reason, head on over to Creator for a delicious robot hamburger for some poetic justice! For more information, check out: