Best Halloween Activities in San Francisco Bay Area


Halloween might feel a lil bit different this year but it can still be a lot of fun if you want it to,  check out this list of activities and events you and your friends can do to lift up that spooky spirit and still enjoy a unique creepy halloween experience sans Covid.

Pirates of Emerson Drive-thru Haunted House

The best way to visit a haunted house this year is with your car, so prepare to jump off your seat when you drive through this scary experience where real-life zombies and monsters try to catch you. A one of a kind show in Pleasonton you get to enjoy from the comfort of your car, don’t forget to buckle up! 

Drive-thru Theater: 13 Nights of Fright

You can’t go wrong with watching a scary classic during halloween, and this year can’t be the exception. Grab your crew and join the “13 nights of fright” presented by the Solano drive-thru movie theater. 13 nights where you get to enjoy some of the best halloween movies just like back in the day, so pick your poison and don’t forget to bring the popcorn. 

Giant Corn Maze  

Getting lost in a corn maze in Stockton sounds like the perfect halloween plan, that’s the fun of it! Check out this family owned farm with the best and one of a kind corn mazes designed and crafted by hand until 2007, the mazes are now designed using modern technology like computers and GPS but they are as big as a football field with new designs each year.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Pumpkins are a must during halloween, carving them or baking a classic pie with them is the way to go, and there is no better place than a pumpkin patch to get the best pumpkin for the occasion. The Smith Family Farm in Brentwood is a great place to enjoy a stroll on the autumn trail and other seasonal activities like live music and delicious food. 

Help Lola Survive the Mars Colony

Dial into Mars with your team via video conference and help Lola survive her first day on the mining colony. This fun and interactive remote escape game set the stage for some major team bonding. Players feel as though they are transported to the Red Planet with an innovative heads-up display and other techno gizmos to maximize the suspense factor of this thirling adventure.

Winchester Mystery House Self Guided Tour  

Another great option to get the chills is taking a self-guided tour through the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. But this isn’t your average tour, here you get to explore the dark halls of the mansion while hearing unnerving stories of the home’s haunted history along with a flashlight to keep you company. 

Virtual Haunted House 

Join the reapers this year, in a Remote play immersive theater home haunt escape game extravaganza. an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Based on a legend where things get out of hand on Peachstone lane and an abandoned barn. Dare to enter the barn but this year the visit will be remotely, gather your friends and family and enjoy this unique view of terror. 

Chernobyl Virtual Tour

Ok this one might not be in the Bay Area but have you ever thought about visiting a haunted place like Chernobyl? Well what a perfect time to do so, take a virtual tour through the exclusion zone of chernobyl and learn more about the mysteries that surround the area. 


All right, a pretty spooky list of events and activities to die for, for those who enjoy a good scare and for those who enjoy the season, no matter what it is we got you covered. So make sure to celebrate this halloween like no other, after all this has been a terrifying year!